World Blitz: last round | Magnus Carlsen vs Nodirbek Abdusattorov | Blitz Wch 2022

GM Daniel King examines the game Magnus Carlsen vs Nodirbek Abdusattorov from the Blitz World Championships. Support on Patreon: 🔥 ►Support via PayPal (💲):
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  1. Disgusting see how he went free after unfair accusations and not playing forcWorld Championship. IS the King and have all the money and talent. Certainly not a gentleman I Guess. Rather prefer David against Goliath. Thanks for year commentaries. Happy New Year and Guess not have to see this player for a while. Make me sick to see him and all chess players shaking hands as obligued, not a hello, not a smile, no visual contact and no nothing. Disgusting

  2. great explanations as usual. enjoyed it.

  3. Thank you verry exciting days of chess games it were

  4. V elegant analysis. Next? The amazing Magnus/Rapport game please. How often do we see one side Queen a pawn three times in one game? Happy New Year 🎉🎉

  5. At first there is a chess tournament and then Magnus wins

  6. What a way to finish off a year of brilliant analysis , commentary and inspiration , matched only by the wonderful array of chess this year, that has been the channel’s focus. I rarely feel I have truly understood all the insights and side-lines, but I find the guidance very inspiring and challenging.
    Thank you Danny for all the effort and shared ideas and wisdom.
    Oh , and as someone else on the channel regularly says : “ powerplay to 100k!”
    To all who enjoy this channel: peace, safety and best wishes in ‘23

  7. whoever wins the Nepo-Ding match nobody will take him seriously as WC

  8. Thanks Daniel for all your hard work and good luck for the new year. We've come a long way since "The Master Game" on BBC TV 1976 – 1983. We'd see the usual symbols of the pieces being filmed as they moved on the board, but they were metalic and there was a man crouched under the board with a magnet, moving them! I loved that & chess expertise was provided by Leonard Barden & Bill Hartston. You can still find a few of them on YouTube.

  9. I guess Magnus is still the reigning champ until the next match is decidedly

  10. Thanks for all you do daniel, an amazing chess year toped off naturally enough by another amazing result from Magnus. happy new year.

  11. Magnus must still be Classical WC as the successor has yet to be decided.

  12. I have the feeling I could have played the exact same moves with black..
    I feel like a GM now

  13. Thank you for your great analysis! Will you do a video of the Carlsen/Rapport blitz game? The one that Carlsen played with two queens in the end game. That was a totally insane one!

  14. Check Carlsen – Rapport! And happy New Year with 100 k 🎉

  15. Great video Daniel. Proper 'old school' terminology throughout reminds me of my early learning of chess.

  16. Wow, Magnus looking as strong as ever. Congrats to him and the other medalists as well.

  17. Congrats to King Magnus on yet another championship. Great coverage as usual. We're spoiled. Thanks GM King!

    Naka tweeted a photo from his plane trip back. He got "paired" with Magnus on the way home. I guess he just can't escape him. Poor Hikaru. At least, he was smiling in the photo. 🙂

  18. Magnus-Rapport was crazy. Magnus had ~5s on the clock last 10+moves.

  19. 11:53 After Nf1 you said f5 was sus because Bxf4 exf4 e5 but fxe4 instead of exf4. looks playable to me

  20. A great end for this fantastic year of chess. Keep on doing your amazing job, Danny, this is the highest quality chess channel, I am always looking forward to a new video of yours. Happy new year!

  21. The way that Abdusattarov walked off shows his immaturity. Sure he is upset cause he lost his Blitz title but congratulate Magnus properly

  22. I find Magnus' dominance even more incredible than Garry and Fischer's respective dominances. Each was the class of their field but the fact Magnus has done it during the Internet era when opening theory is so well developed is, to my eyes, extraordinary. 5 classical titles, 4 rapid titles, 6 blitz titles… he's an untouchable force.

    No wonder he's baying for Alireza's emergence. The guy just wants a challenge!

  23. Carlsen as always an inspiration on the board, irrespective of what you think of any recent chess controversies. I am sure chess players will study his games for generations to come.

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