World Blitz Championship 2022 | Day 2 | Peter Leko & Jan Gustafsson

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen heads the field for the 2022 World Blitz Championship in Almaty, Kazakhstan. GMs Peter Leko & Jan Gustafsson commentate on the second and final day of the Blitz.
Watch the games: (Open) & (Women).

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  1. Naka fans : naka is the blitz God ( who never won any blitz championship)


  3. I love Naka … but he draws too much. And that sealed his fate again today. You can’t play not to lose…Magnus is the GOAT because he plays to WIN.

  4. Ridiculous decision to show the women tournament when Carlsen was winning the title. I know – "equality", "woke" and all that but that was just nonsense. When women reach men level in chess maybe you can choose to show their tournament at critical moments but this time it was absurd.

  5. Magnus is clutch, 7/9 damn. He played today like there are no middle ground, either win or lose. 🐐

  6. Nakamura making faces and acting bored during the last game vs Harikrishna but at the same time refusing to take a draw is hilarious. Hikalarious, even.

  7. Congratulation to sarasadat for respecting the people of IRAN


  9. Awesome effort by the players, but the production quality from FIDE was beyond poor. All boards were lagging and glitching from start to finish. Very frustrating for spectators.

  10. Things learned in this tournament:
    -Magnus is GOAT, too clutch knows how to win when it matters and pulls himself together after a loss. That’s goat shit
    -Anyone who gets Sarana to be their second in the next world championship is gonna sweep their opponent Unique and unpredictable playing style. True practical chess player> theory memorization.

  11. Simply amazing. When you've been at the top for so long, I imagine it's very hard to set yourself new challenges. Not in Magnus's case. Even when he should be in decline, he finds new highs. Incredible performance. Congrats.

    Also have to spare a word for Nakamura, who I can't stand, but it's staggering how he manages to be near the top when he spends so much time doing things other than studying and competing.

  12. Amazing tournament. So much fun and one can understand why Magnus doesn't feel the need to play another classical WCC match + 6 months of gruesome preparation, when the Blitz and Rapid World Championships require less of such and are more fun to play. Thanks for the amazing coverage, Jan & Peter! A pleasure to watch 💪

  13. Fantastic broadcast and commentary, thank you!

  14. for that absolutely revolting aimchess advert alone, I am deactivating my aimchess account.

  15. Fantastic broadcast, great events. Thanks a thousand!

  16. worst hosts ever i dont like themJan Gustafsson and Peter Leko are just so boring

  17. Gustafsson so cocky he should'nt be here commenting games! he just seems to hate Magnus and so Negative person! shame this is boring, where is ivannka?

  18. 1:36:06 Tribute to Gusty for his reference to A Night at the Roxbury. "Vladislav? Baby, don't hurt me." Funny stuff, Gusty lol 🤣 Must use that gem in the future. Great commentary.

  19. Gustaffson on caruana vs carlsen=

    No way carlsen wins , lol

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