Why are Carlsen, Fabi, Giri watching Hikaru Nakamura vs Martirosyan | World Blitz 2022

How good is Hikaru Nakamura at blitz? This is quite an important question. Well this game gives a good answer. In spite of the complications, he almost never let his advantage slip by. He played some high quality chess here. And his opponent is the extremely talented Armenian Haik Martirosyan. Carlsen, Caruana, Giri and Fedoseev, all huddled around this board to watch what was happening!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. lol Giri stuck around just in case they drew.

  2. at 9:00 he hikaru's opponent could have moved his knight between hikaru's 2 rooks and survived right? knight to c2

  3. chess is one game where even to watch low rated players battle is enjoyable…

  4. was it decided already when the spectators leave?

  5. How good is Hikaru Nakamura at blitz? Not bad

  6. This guy Hikaru looks like he will be a good blitz player one day

  7. Coz they know Hikaru is a player who's gonna be a tough player someday! They better watch for it.

  8. Anish giri wearing all matching colour outfitπŸ”₯

  9. when the guys are walking away, you know that you are lost!

  10. Magnus watching you play chess is the same energy as the teacher looking at your answers during an exam

  11. They should cover the board so they could not see

  12. I could hear it from him mentally "He blundered hard there"

  13. GM Hikaru using his shirts to distract his opponents is a genius strategy

  14. Just want to appreciate ChessBase India for the amazing chess content on Youtube. I absolutely love these types of videos in particular. Nice angle on the board, clock and players faces which makes it easy to examine their expressions as the moves are played. It's like being there in person to watch these games. Thank you ChessBase India for a job well done.

  15. Only one question about this video
    Who won??? πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  16. when magnus gone …match are decided …who will win

  17. Two knights tango. You don't see that often at this level.

  18. Martirosyan has great sportsmanship. Hikaru gave him a nod before he left. Congrats to Marti for getting bronz in world blitz.

  19. The simple answer is "in order this video get more views."

  20. Good sportsmanship shown at the end discussing the match.

  21. He saw it at first that Naka won the game and left

  22. He wasnt pinned in checks. Gave up prematurely

  23. They all leave at the same time when Martirosyan blunders. That must feel awful.

  24. magnus feels like he wants to transition to coaching the next generation. or at least getting to that point. He has been at the top for far too long .

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