When he BANGS his Queen on the table #shorts

Even Jobava realised how tense the game was 😳

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. They really need to reinvent how they do the time system watching people flail around and move pieces all sloppily and shit is not fun to watch

  2. Uska piddi na marna tha na bhai aapna king 👑 ko ek kadam aage rakhna tha fir dekhte

  3. It's my queen 👑 She lets me bang her on the table 🗿

  4. Bro was about to lose in front of a 8 year old

  5. You have to understand, that these are still kids, they are good at chess. But they are still immature and like all kids easily annoyed and very emotional.

  6. They shake hands at the end did you see that whoooaa

  7. If you read the title to someone out if context, they'll think you did the queen on a tabletop…

  8. Майнкрафт бл эт моя жизнь

  9. This is proof why "😏" makes sentences sus
    "When he bangs the queen on the table 😏"

  10. I don’t understand how people have the brain power to be able to do this hella respect👌🏻

  11. Why didn't the kid take the queen and chose to take the pawn instead ??

  12. You know, when I read "bang his queen on the table" I didn't think it meant…- Oh hey look, chess!

  13. If he would attack the pawn with his one instead of moving the king , he would have promoted

  14. Watching chest is equivalent to watching paint dry!

  15. Him: lightly reveals his emotions In a society acceptable manner
    The chess community: 😠

  16. Мен сол дерды стеген адаммын атак букыл наклейка парта мен стегем линоллйумдыда

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