When chess wants you to cry | Sargsyan vs Gelfand | World Blitz 2021

Chess makes you battle hardened in general. But there are moments, there are games, where you aren’t able to keep your cool. Where maintaining that stone cold face is not possible. Check out this game between the rising talent of Armenia Shant Sargsyan and his legendary opponent Boris Gelfand from round 20 of the World Rapid and Blitz 2021.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Why did Shant offer a draw while being two pawns up?

  2. Ese tipo no merece estar allΓ­.

  3. Sir make a chess base india discord server

  4. Even GM can miss simple winning move,or winning idea under time pressure.Bg8 winning!

  5. Only imagine the silent tears that Rasmus shed

  6. One of the things why I do not play chess. I just watch.

  7. Chess make you laugh and make you cry..

    day up & day down πŸ’“πŸ’”

  8. opposite colour bishop endgame, the most annoying thing in the chess.

  9. once only opposite color bishops are on board and both pawns on 6th rank, it was clear that Gelfand had good chances to draw. With queens it was much more difficult task . Trading queens was a mistake, but I can humanly understand young player – it was so much harder to play with queens on board, even the risk of losing the game was there if he blunders

  10. Chess is dangerous , i good when u win , feel terrible when u lose. I have felt it
    But still additive

  11. Thats tough time pressure will do that to you at least he got the draw imagine if his opponent flagged him that would've been even more devastating

  12. Gelfand blundering the draw away by playing Kf6 but Sargsyan misses it and plays g5+ wich is a draw again.
    If you dont know such endgames perfectly then timetrouble is your biggest enemy

  13. opposite coloured bishops 😁

  14. hats off to opponent
    I learn from this game

  15. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… I feel the brother.

  16. In opposite bishops + queen endgames there is often no easy path. Despite the visually overwhelming position you have to risk something to break through. And the most painful games are the ones where you try to play it safe, because you think your advantage is so overwhelming, you never risk anything, and the result is a draw

  17. Eu compreendo perfeitamente este jogador. Sorry by that!

  18. I'm trying to figure out how white could have converted his advantage and I think the shift happens at 1:09 when Gelfand plays Ke7 'attacking' the bishop and Sargsyan moves it back, but actually there's no threat I can just play h5 and if black takes Qxe6 then d8=Q+ winning the queen and if Qg1 d8=Q+ yet again this time winning the bishop, anything else I'm pushing my h-pawn maybe Bd5 to control h1, too many threats, white's position is overwhelming. Of course it's easy for me sitting at home, but anyways in such a scenario you should try to coordinate your forces and not rely on some obscure tactic, maybe Bf5 instead of Qf5 a move prior with Qf3 to follow and only after you secured your king position and your three extra pawns do you decide how you want to win.

  19. I really liked the guy in last who puts his hand on him to make him feel better πŸ₯Ίβ€οΈ…

    Your are 2 pawns up but it is still a draw with opposite coloured bishop against a legend like gelfand ( so close to winning ) its hurting endgame but its truth…

  20. Why was there clasping πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»?

  21. Chess is not a game for the weak. That being said, i understand exactly where this young man is coming from. I wonder how many people Gelfand has brought to tears?

  22. Chessbase India is doing a terrific job covering these events. Apart from them you would never probably hear about these unusual events. I am curious if they have a video of the Dude falling off his chair though?

  23. 1:40 Kf6 was blunder by black. White missed Kh6 and the g pawn queens

  24. Gelfand is one of the best clutch players of all time.

  25. Was I the only person that was annoyed by his demeanor and how he kept smashing the clock ? I feel like if I was playing against him that would've annoyed me

  26. When you guys overlay the small 2d board on top of games broadcast like this its easily the best coverage/overlay setup around. Its incredible how many streams there are where the predominant screen is the commentators. Thank you for your consistently excellent coverage of chess events!

  27. wtf 3 years ago murzin did samething but nothing help him he just cried alone 3mins xD

  28. "Well, a have 3 extra pawns and one of them is at the 7th rank, ready for promotion. πŸ™‚"
    Draw. 😭😭

  29. It was all good until Wh7+ move, then it is a theoretical draw unfortunately.

  30. When you spot the wild Boris Gelfand otr.

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