When chess wants you to cry | Sargsyan vs Gelfand | World Blitz 2021

Chess makes you battle hardened in general. But there are moments, there are games, where you aren’t able to keep your cool. Where maintaining that stone cold face is not possible. Check out this game between the rising talent of Armenia Shant Sargsyan and his legendary opponent Boris Gelfand from round 20 of the World Rapid and Blitz 2021.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. When you spot the wild Boris Gelfand otr.

  2. Gelfand could have had a word of encouragement for the opponent knowing how good it went for him.

  3. WOW nice video kabayan hello FROM Philippines Walker 👣🚶🏃🤸📷🎬🌐🧭,

  4. Решил по Гельманду пройтись на изи?))) лооол

  5. How is possible not to win this

  6. Gelfand showing how to draw against 2 pawns up

  7. He's just 19…
    He's learnt something for future.

  8. Boris Uncle is still so strong! No wonder he was one of the toughest opponents of Anand and arguably the toughest Challanger

  9. Yeah, it's a hard video to watch, belive me🥺🥺

  10. Shant sargsyan: அய்யோ ரெண்டு connected passed pawns இருந்தும் வின் பண்ண முடியலயே😭😭😭ஒரே அழுகை😂😂

  11. Egy Gelfand azért az Gelfand!
    Nem könnyű legyőzni az öreget!

  12. Competitive chess is a nightmare…

  13. Shows his love and dedication towards the game. Respect✌

  14. Chess like win also tension
    Loss also tension,,😀

  15. Chess is not just the game of moves and theoretical knowledge. What makes a chess player successful in most competitions is having a strong personality with complete self-confidence and concentration combined with emotion control and time management. There is no chess player who has not won or lost. What distinguishes a strong chess player from others is having a heroic personality and knowledge of psychological issue. Take another look at the game psychologically and pay close attention to the facial expressions of both players. When Sargsyan made the Bc4 move, I realized that he would not win, not because of his move, but because of his frustrated face after the move. Also pay attention to his restlessness and how he taps the chess clock.

  16. Drawing a winning endgame lol chess is hard

  17. Theoretically was this ending winning for white?

  18. Even if i have 2 pawns i still coudn't win thats why i love chess

  19. He hits the button like pee-wee herman

  20. Why is he losing?
    Can’t understand

  21. Understandable. He had a winning position. That was tough.

  22. Ma questo è un Gm? Come ha fatto a pareggiare?

  23. This should, obviously, be titled: When you're not very good at chess and let your opponent draw.

  24. 1:03 Bg8! with mate to follow was crushing. After Ke7 white has d8Q+! Qxd8 Qe6+ Kf8 Qf7#

  25. We can't keep blaming him, its Boris Gelfand

  26. Freaking stockfish said White wins…damn computers

  27. I am surprised why everyone is not talking about Bg8 at 1:02 winning for white on the spot? I saw it right away even though I am a 1900 rated player. People are complaining about the opposite color bishop endgame, but we have to remember how dangerous it is to defend against an opposite color bishop in a wide open position like this as well.

  28. Tipical draw position: wrong bishop, of different promotion square color , easy to know, furthermore, rook and knight pawns are not good.
    NB I am a simple 3N, and I know this! But here a GM cries for this

  29. On 1:08 he could have promoted the c pawn which deflects the king away from the defense of the bishop and taken the bishop. That must have been hard for him. I know this feeling.

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