When Captain Evans comes on board! | Svilder vs Vidit | Blitz Game 6

The Italian Opening after 1.e4 e5 Nf3 Nc6 Bc4 Bc5 is very common. And the main moves here are c3, d3 and 0-0. But there is also a dangerous move in this position. A move that was found by Captain Evans and involves giving up a pawn for speedy development. It is known as the Evans Gambit. Peter Svidler tries to play it against Vidit Gujrathi in their 6th blitz game at the Maharashtra Challenge Match 2023. And guess what, Peter was asked by Nigel Short to play the little known Qb3 line in the Evans! Check out the battle along with the commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Peter is clearly a bit out of shape. Chess can be a tough game when you are struggling with form.

  2. I think i can relate to svilder here. I have played evans gambit in a over the board tournament thinking that my opponent will fall for it but on the contrary he mated me in just 23 moves. My reaction was same as svilder at 05:49😅

  3. i felt so scared for vidit there when peter was definetly winning before o-o by white! btw what is the score bw vidit n peter.

  4. Svidller played this game like a 1000 rated player.

  5. Oh..Peter… Evan is breaking his cemetery walls to catch u..😂😂

  6. Both Players despite being 2700+ Played this game like 2200

  7. Svidler is garbage now. I can see why he mainly commentates instead of playing. I mean not playing Bh6 lol .. lol ..

  8. I am 1000 rated and I still could see that tactic of taking knight first. What was wrong with Svidler?

  9. White botched his whole position because he just missed that h6 knight which was clear as day. With his queen and bishop guns loaded straight at black's king, HOW did he not see his advantage??. He must not have had his coffee yet or something.

  10. I am thinking i am watching a 1100 elo match

  11. Is the commentator actually commentating in real time? Because something I have noticed in his previous videos is he catches some hard-to-see tactics in no time. Even with the engine on that's something difficult. Maybe he should play in the tournaments too.

  12. #suggestion Peter Svidler vs Vidit Gujrathi Blitz Game 6, Maharashtra challenge match 2023 (ps: Evans Gambit went wrong)

  13. I love to see games with full-length commentary by Sagar Shah.

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