‘When Alexander Grischuk beat Magnus Carlsen | World Blitz 2021

Magnus Carlsen (NOR, 2892) lost to his arch rival Anish Giri in Round 15. It was the fourth loss at the event for the World Champion, whereas Alexander Grischuk (RUS, 2757) has lost only one game against Nepomniachtchi. Will Grischuk’s Thus life prevail or will Magnus’ endgame god prevail? Find out what happens in this interesting game.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. The only two chess players with multiple blitz gold medals….magnus 4 Alexander 3

  2. for god's sake , Magnus needs a break man. Defended his wcc ,3rd place in rapids . its totally okay for him to feel tired and have a bad blitz section , none of the player in the event even come close to him. He should be very proud of everything he's achieved this year.

  3. Magnus ain't feeling this tourney no more

  4. Magnus has expressed his respect for Sasa to many times. The fact that he did not leave the table immediately, as he usually does when he loses and sat down to listen when he lost his movement, shows how much he respects it.

  5. He is clearly completely exhausted in the past few games

  6. Could watch these two play all day, two of the most entertaining.

  7. Grischuk is such a fine player, he still gives tough competition to strong players

  8. Magnus was a bit overconfident in the entire tournament.

  9. thug life grischuk is the best nickname in the entire chess world. Although endgame god isnt bad… "grinder" carlsen also valid. "Draw" anish . "doesnt care" hikaru…. "sacrifice" dubov or even better "balenciaga" dubov.

  10. I believe Magnus definitely will give massive comeback

  11. Thank you for a title and description without spoilers. Have a great 2022 CB India!

  12. If Grischuk could manage his time he would be one of the best

  13. me lo estan "perratiando" los viejos sabuesos

  14. Grandes Historias merece apretar sus manos, no importa el protocolo

  15. I wonder how much Mastercard pays Magnus for that ad on his arm, lol

  16. My love for Magnus has increased quite a bit in this tournament…like a King trying his best to defend his crown..

  17. Well I can say Magnus is the one with whom Sasha behaves sanely.. else as mentioned, he is Thug Life…

  18. Magnus blundered couple of pawns without any plus. He was not in shape

  19. Happy New Year to entire Chessbase team and specially Sagar sir

  20. Don't forget grischuk is 3 times blitz champion

  21. That Ng5 was just beautiful. I thought for sure white is loosing a pawn there.

  22. Many thanks for uploading! Next time, could you please post an un-cut version? I really don't mind thinking with Sasha or Magnus for 20 seconds…

  23. Грищук, ты просто шахматный террорист)))

  24. Grishchuk is the most genius attacking chess player in the earth with both colors. His games are more attracting than Magnus. But his only limitation is time management

  25. god is in lower case, show some respect please.

  26. Carlsen and Grischuk is a great matchup.

  27. People don't realize how strong is Grischuk even when inactive he's really strong.

  28. f5 and kg8 hard to understand even given tournament situation

  29. I hope that In world championship Ian Nepomiachi did not played well
    Therefore Carlsen become slightly weak due to the lazy Games in world championship

  30. I always adore the little chat after the game! Grischuk is like: 🤓 and Magnus is like: 😮 and then just like: yeah, nevermind, crazy game… You don't even need to hear what they said! I love it every time! ❤️

  31. I don't get it.. why didn't Magnus Queen his pawn? 🤷‍♂️

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