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Me actually making good moves


  1. The worst part is Stockfish 16 would still win black if it started from there

  2. After Ne7, isn't Rxf1,Kh2,Nf3 checkmate ???? HUH ?? what am i missing

  3. If he defended with the other rook you would’ve just traded rooks…

  4. This was a great find man! Hope to see more of you on the Shorts.

  5. If he had moved the other rook the whole tactic would have gone down the drain lol

  6. Wouldn't give up in such a position. Fight till the end! Unless it's a very hopeless future for your pieces 😂😂
    Nice sacrifice 💪

  7. Why didn't he just take the white rook

  8. Why did he resign? He was just 2 points down

  9. This clip would be amazing if you weren't jacking off for the 2nd half of the vid.

  10. He resigned with a knight left. Foolish

  11. Lil bro shaking from excitement 🤡

  12. You guys understand that he plays against himself

  13. Never resign if you still have the king, I said.

  14. Why has youtube recommended this to me? It was a trivial tactic to be up an exchange

  15. why didnt he just take the rook on f1 with check ?

  16. I don't think I would've seen that. I got only as high as 1013 ELO and now I tanked it due to alcoholism, lol.

  17. Oigannn si la torre de el negro se comía a la torre blanca de la columna 1, dando Jake el rey blanco subía y venía el caballo negro a dar mate ? Y las negras ganaban PQ en el turno de el blanco no hubo ningún Jake por lo que las negras podían hacer esa jugada forzada o estoy mallll? Díganme porfavorrr

  18. Whats funny is that aside from that tactic, there is also the f4 fork.

  19. Are we just gonna ignore the free rook before the beginning of the sequence of moves he played ??

  20. Its a very nice tactic indeed because its not just the same as taking the rook with the night because its forcing to trade another rook and thats easier then if he still had a rook. Nice

  21. Except the fact that Rff6 was just losing an exchange so…

  22. I am subscribing to support you brother keep grinding

  23. This wouldn't worked if your opponent went g rook to e7

  24. "Never resign if you still have knight"

  25. Stupid when misuse God's Name I stop watching

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