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Hello this is David Sullivan from Chess NYC again, today I’d like to talk to you about blitz chess and use of a chess clock.

Most serious chess games are timed, and actually that’s a really good thing. I think a lot of people are under the impression that chess is a really slow game, when actually it often is an extremely fast game.

One popular form of the game is called five minute blitz. On the clock face each side has five minutes, there’s a button that corresponds to each side of the clock. When one person moves, they move, and with the same hand that they touch the piece, they touch their side of the clock. When they touch their side of the clock, their own times stops and their opponents time starts. Then their opponent makes a move, and touches the clock. And you keep making moves and hitting the clock, until either one side wins the game, there’s a checkmate or a draw result, or somebody runs out of time on the clock. If you run out of time on the clock, you lose.

My personal addiction, is one minute blitz on the internet, in fact a friend of mine calls that video chess crack. Where you play, each side has one minute to make every move in the whole game, so that the entire game of chess will last less than two minutes. You’re packing the whole thing into less than two minutes and it produces a thrill which is unusual and it’s so addictive, that’s why he calls it what I called it, it’s the best game in the world.


  1. What are the sizes of the chess pieces used in this video?

  2. I already know that how to play chess, but nice to see it for analysis.

  3. Whats a good decent chess set for clock chess. I haven't played in a while and nolonger have any realiable sets that will stay up durring play.

  4. I got a Master Class chess add before this video. what are the chances of that?

  5. Do you have be good in math to be just ok in chess? I always wanted to get into chess but I never felt like I was smart enough for it.

  6. I play blits 4 hours straight. . The one minute one. Ya i know.

  7. Red Peter Dragon. Impressions in the Sand of time. says:

    The Rook by parker brothers

  8. This dude's a chess nerd. In a positive manner tho. Shows his passions towards the game

  9. This guy is the best coach in my opinion, please like if you also think so,,.

  10. As a game, particularly a board game and not as a sport. Chess is absolutely beautiful. And obviously the best.

  11. Very passionate and knowledgeable thank you!

  12. This makes you want to throw your computer out of the window when you get checkmated in this gamemode.

  13. I got an ad of blitz chess before this video started

  14. Even slow chess is addictive. Although I'm not particularly good at it, I still come back for more. After taking multiple losses, a win feels all the more sweeter.

  15. The smile is adorable. He clearly loves what he's doing and it's great.

  16. I actually love playing only a minute for players.

  17. blitz chess without small increment is bad. suddenly the game gets random chaos with no coherence.5+2 or 4+2 much much better ,as its still in the spirit of blitz but dosent get all random in the end.

  18. Plot twist: Magnus Carlsen is watching this

  19. better to play in the park with friend & with out timer

  20. It is dirty chess. No deep thinking or any creativity. How can we test a players creative thinking in blitz game.

  21. I'm sure it's been done but I'd be curious to see a really good speed chess player against a really good deliberative player.

    My friends and I used to play Cricket with darts but we always played in order (20 down in order, nothing counts until you cancel the number you're on, no bullseyes until all numbers are cancelled, 2 and 1 point regions so no cancelling a number with just one throw).
    We would go out and play the "diehards" in dart leagues who played Splash and wipe the floor with them. We were no experts. They were used to being able to throw a bad dart and get a point out of it, our way necessitated honing you're accuracy and hitting what you needed. We'd play our way and clean house. They'd then request to play their way, same result. At that point many tantrums commenced, it was funny to watch because we couldn't have cared less if they won.

  22. Is it illegal when you move but your opponent not push the time… For some reason he did it to trap me so he can win with illegal move what I did.

  23. When you get this on your recommended 8 years later

  24. I see where the amount of seconds left on the clock go up and down. Why would that be? Example player one only has 3 seconds left. Makes move then there is 5 seconds on his clock.

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