What did Carlsen tell Dubov before his game against Nakamura? | World Blitz 2022

Chess players generally don’t like to be disturbed before the game. But what if the person who disturbs you is the world champion. Dubov and Carlsen are good friends of each other! And at the 9th round of World Blitz 2022, just as Dubov was about to begin his game against Nakamura, Magnus comes into the frame and makes a quirky remark! What did the World Champion say and how did the game between Dubov and Nakamura pan out? Check it out in the video.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Still don't understand how it is a draw. It is still too early and anyone can beat anyone. So how is it a draw? Is it just because they both agree to draw, not because of the gameplay?

  2. He told him, "£^♤k with Nakamura bro."

  3. Really wish a digital chess board was displayed

  4. It is amazing to see how much respect Dubov commands among the elite players. He is a well-known theoretician and world class player himself.

  5. That is why, like in football, need 1 point for a draw, and 3 points for a victory.

  6. Kok hapal kodenya ya kalo ada yang mau ngajak draw

  7. not sure but i think tht was for more hikaru then dubov..magnus has clever ways to get into heads.

  8. What happened is that like a draw or Hikaru forfeit

  9. King of draw…anish giri is no longer anymore…nakamura in hurry to get his online streaming

  10. Nice my favourite channel Chessbase Magnus
    But Lol I do love the magnus content tho

  11. That's why nobody can break Fischer's record till now bcoz of these quick draws .

  12. @1:51 Black has a chance to just go a pawn up with Bxc3, bxc3, Qxc3 because there's no discovered attack on the Queen by Bxh7+ with the bishop defending from c3. The pawn on c6 then also needs to be defended. Maybe Hikaru didn't want to face the bishop pair to win two pawns (one of them doubled)….

  13. "Bitch…don't bring that weak shit in here!" Kinda rude. But Magnus spicing things up is good for the game. Hikaru clearly appreciated it.

  14. Draw agreement fixed before the match lol😂

  15. by now they are all friends: they have managed to socialize

  16. Would someone please explain to me the reason for the withdrawal?

  17. Its nice to see such good relationships and respect to each other but I've also noticed Artemiev behind. How humble he looks and calm.

  18. the draw that handed Magnus the title

  19. Point system needs an overhaul so players will be more reluctant from going for a draw. Something like 0 points for a loss, 1 point for a tie as white, 1.5 points for a tie as black, 3.5 points for a win as white, and 4 points for a win as black. I've read some people saying a tie should also be 0 points, but remember, with white having an advantage (64% of wins go to white), a tie for black is to some degree a win for successfully defending against white. Which is furthermore why I say a win for black is deserving of more points than a win for white.

  20. I like how they finally can talk to each other.

  21. He said that russians should be banned from all the international affairs for supporting this unprovoked brutal war!

  22. Its amazing to see this side of the relationship and respect between them

  23. i dont understand why this game was soooo short

  24. Magnus and Dubov acts like an old married couple

  25. They compete with each other but Magnus Hikaru or Dubov are pretty much not far from each other when it comes to blitz games… Let's be realistic, in blitz the circle of Super GMS is around 10? And Dubov in my opinion is Super GM as well.

  26. Can someone that knows chess because i have no clue. What happened the first match the first 2m and ended like that? ( Would be nice to try understand)

  27. Magnus impacted their minds in such a way that they both agreed for an early draw.. now that's mind games..

  28. sorry for ask but how win here , I not chess player but it like me so much

  29. Carlsen: i need the xanax
    Dubov: ok this will be a quick draw

  30. "I'm starting to understand why you offer all these early draws…"



    5 minutes later Dubov offers early draw.

  31. Dubov is a very good player.. he has lot of ideas than any gm in my opinion he should be the best player

  32. Intension of this is to break record of vidit and Magnus shortest match

  33. He actually said, “Bhosdi ke naak na katwa deo hum sab ki!
    Dubov said, yeah!

  34. This is what i love with chess. Its good friendship, then hard war and hate when chess is started, then back to friendship when game is over

  35. Why am I seeing this? I dont care whos telling what to who

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