WFM Fatality (2016) vs M. Kanzychakov (1970). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. Какой взрослой стала Пинкаменченко. Только вчера была ребёнком.

  2. How is she ranked with a such high ELO when shes constantly losing to lower level players? Shes always a bad loser, btw PINKAMENA is the true GOAT 🤗

  3. kanzichakov, rings a bell, i liked his games before. he's like a computer, or is he cheating ? i like the look of pinky in the end -)

  4. gg kanzychkov , fatality est en baise de forme

  5. You open the door to reveal a large room. In the centre is a table with a chess board and two goblets of what looks like wine. The air is damp and cold, the fire from the wall sconces flickers and is dim. To the west, Fatality beckons you forward. To the east, Pinka calls your name. To go to Fatality, turn to page 67. To follow Pinka, turn to page 80…

  6. Слона отдала, ладью под бой поставила) Поддалась парню)

  7. Fatality in harsh battle🔥🔥in opening and mid game she dominate the game🙂but loosing her last bishop was a gift for opponent🐸

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