Watching the current #1 blitz player on lichess – Vladislav Artemiev

I caught Vladislav Artemiev playing some blitz on lichess on July 26th, 2022 and I decided to record a few of his games. He’s currently the #1 blitz player on the site and a wonderful player to spectate. Magnus Carlsen has given high praise of Artemiev’s play, calling it ‘sublime’. Artemiev is one of the very best minds our game, especially when it comes to strategic play. He is World #4 in blitz. Featured are 3 of his games against SuperStar3000.

mage of Magnus Carlsen in thumbnail courtesy of Lennart Ootes

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  1. Well DrNykterstein's rating in blitz is 3198, so how is Artemiev first?

  2. Is there some kind of artifacting on the center line in the board or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

    Either way, fun video!

  3. Loving the content, Jerry! Keep it coming! Also, what's with the jaggedy line on the center of the board? It keeps glitching out!

  4. great video, as always! just the flickering line in the middle of the screen is really disruptive, also in the last video :/

  5. Hello, appreciate the frequent uploads! All the best:)

  6. But Magnus is higher rated player but he’s not k leaderboard I wonder why?

  7. I watch one of your videos every day! Enjoyed this one very much too. Thank you!

  8. How he saved the pawns in the last game was really impressive lol

  9. Yo Jerry we've been missing you. Great to see you active again!

  10. love the more positional long term playing style, very satisfying to grind out more and more

  11. Awesome play by one of ChessNetwork's favourites. His positional style really matches your insightful commentary, Jerry (and the other way around, of course!). Thank you, I too would like to watch some more of these. πŸ˜„

  12. Kinda ambiguous title. I went to check the live blitz ratings. Great video, though

  13. hello jerry thanks for the video…i am also a fan of Vladslav Artemiev game as well. also a fan of him as well

  14. wow loved it

    your commentary is in a league lf ots own jerry

  15. Artemiev is amazing. That resource he found in the third game, where instead of losing all his pawns he gains a great position is stuff of dreams for me. Thanks for the upload!

  16. my first impression was that he did a mouse slipping slip with Re2
    but logical reasoning says he played Re1 after b6 because he did not want to allow Ba6 bishop exchange

  17. #1 is Magnus with 3198 blitz on lichess, he didn't play for a while that's why he is not seen as #1 in the list.

  18. Jerry is King πŸ‘‘ of Kings in the realm of chess streaming!!
    πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘‘

  19. In the second game around 9:40 the knight was definitely hanging and there was Kxf6
    All variatons after this move end up favourably for white unless I missed something

  20. New sub here. Enjoy watching your blitz and commentary is great. Your voice is easy to listen to making your videos very enjoyable. Ty

  21. Surprising how much instruction you can quickly extract from these 3+0 games.

  22. Lots of the moves Artemiev was making were pretty much housekeeping moves in that second game it seemed. Improving the pieces, solidifying the pieces, and preventing white from having any counterplay. Amazing game for blitz.

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