Vidit Gujrathi’s flying king! | World Blitz 2022

Vidit Gujrathi’s illegal king move against Nakamura is quite famous! It’s well known as the king sacrifice game! At the World Blitz 2022, Vidit did something quite amazing! His king flew two squares from h7 to h5 in the 17th round against Nguyen Thai Dai Van. Check out the video to find out how that happened and also enjoy Vidit’s sense of humour at the end of the video.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. How did he managed to hold onto that?…😱…kudos.

  2. He could have claimed invalid move and gained some time

  3. Vidit – "How can I make this tournament memorable. Hmmm, let me play an almost illegal move. CBI will do the rest!" 🤣

  4. From illegal king move to flying king move, Vidit has come a long way. Technically, the flying king move was also an illegal move but the opponent didn't notice it under time crunch. He adjusted that in the next move.

  5. 2:44 VD's King be like – Usulon pe anch aaye to takrana zaruri hai, zinda ho to zinda nazar ana zaruri hai

  6. Vidit and his love for kings are famous

  7. At least he didn't try to sacc his king this time

  8. Dgt broadcast-we're very accurate
    Vidit- Hold my king moves

  9. GM trol and he take mistake. Dumb? hahaha?

  10. I saw that, 2,5k people saw that, God saw that, and my aunt Angela saw that.

  11. Just my rating how it's going down my king is going down😂

  12. The most famous player who moves the king ever!!
    Long live the king 😀

  13. His king has been really quick since that King sacrifice against Hikaru 😅

  14. Samay keenly watching this game from nearby board 🫡🔥

  15. Theoretical draw.In rook ending the side who has passed pawns h and f or a and c can't win if opponent's king is close enough.Vidit showed mechanism.

  16. The illegal move against Nakamura was obviously deliberate to gain more thinking time. It was a sly move

  17. How come FIDE Rating above 2500 can't win ??? … 😂😂😭😭🤣🤣

  18. The ending with both of them laughing was so wholesome!

  19. My knowledge of Chess is very precarious to say the least. Can any of you fine gentleman tell me whether this was a draw in any case even if whites have the pawn advantage?

  20. So gooodddd to see VD cracking jokes in a prestigious tournament ! Samay Raina proud student🤣

  21. Тихо мирно, без разборок решили проблему. Хотя белые могли поскандалить. Уважение обоим!

  22. good to see good faith, fair play, humor and no "rule madness" in tournaments

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