Vidit Gujrathi’s calmness vs Pragg’s preparation | Tata Steel Chess India Blitz 2022

What do you do when your opponent blitz’s out his opening moves. On one hand you know that you are well-versed in this opening. But on the other hand, you start doubting yourself because your opponent is blitzing out his moves. How do you deal with such a situation? Try to learn from this game. It’s the battle between two of the finest players of Indian chess – Vidit Gujrathi and Praggnanandhaa. Check out the video to see who comes out on top!

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Young enough for chase but old enough know better

  2. Sagar Bhai Order of preference for viewers like me 1. Your analysis along with the game. Clearly head and shoulders above the other options below. 2. Eval bar plus slow down when eval bar swings (maybe a small analysis of missed or newly created chance if it is not the game line)3. Shorter post game analysis by player with analysis board on side 4. Only game no board or evals.

  3. Could the eval bar be removed from future game?

  4. Thanks for adding the evaluation bar and drawing the arrows at critical points

  5. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Is it true that Indian prodigies are hindering or will hinder Magnus from reaching 2900? If so then yay! God bless India! Saynoto2900 !

  6. Pro coughers and sneezers have arrived 😅

  7. Meanwhile I just enjoy seeing two players talking to each other after the game with no childish behavior

  8. Nice maneuver of bishop not exchange of knight by vdit

  9. Chess nanna attira adi neehu champion

  10. What is that minus sign on Pragg's forehead?

  11. Meanwhile Mamedyarov losing to Nihal at the back 😄

  12. Pragg, Gukesh, Vidit, Arjun, Nihal – the new 'fearsome fivesome' of indian chess

  13. I wish youtube can add a feature where we can turn of eval bars from videos and have it on whenever it is required

  14. Please keep this format for live games video. The evaluation bar and possible variations with arrows are really helpful. Very nice pause the video moments to actually think why white is better. Thank you.

  15. I don't know i just love to see vidit wining the game, he is always humble

  16. After Pragg Rxe4, wasn't it good for Vidit to play f3 forking R & N ? If Qa7+ then Kh1 (Be3 Qxe3 Qxe3 Rxe3 and fxg4 Knight and white is still better

  17. people coughing in the background……and the international high class players are playing on a stage like a performance for coughing people…. doesnt any body else hate it ?

  18. I really love to see the real board !! Also, I don´t understand why Vidit and Pragg are commenting after the game in English if they´re supposed to speak the same language in India?

  19. On 0.22 why pragg not take a pawn with knight

  20. i think time management is what killed prag here, hes young and clearly doesnt have the rhythm of the time format down yet. i expect him to do much better next time.

  21. can we watch the game in peace without these distracting arrows?

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