Unstopable Rook Endgame

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  1. Но ведь с лишней пешкой это 99.9% победы. Зачем надо было доводить до мата?)

  2. Its literally in Hungary where was it tell me and when

  3. He didn't press the clock at the end his move is not registered

  4. Why not take a queen and hope the opponent blunders a rook endgame

  5. ͥ 🦋⃟‌⃟ ͥ ͣ ͫ 𝕯𝖆𝖗𝖐 ฿คrry ࿐ says:


  6. i wouldve sac the queen so i can do rook checkmate cuz knowing me i prob wouldve stalemated

  7. Black should have resigned 10 moves earlier

  8. Good Old Man PLaying Chess Is Cool And Good For Him!!!!
    He Play So Nice!!!!

  9. Isn’t the Queen promotion wrong? They say that first the pawn must be pushed to the square and then replaced with the piece.

  10. It's the really awful endgame by young player👎👎I would stop the passing pawn. Rook and king it is difficult to mate and it lets draw in most cases even it could be won by time.

  11. Que falta de respeto tiene el joven que piensa que el señor, lo va a ahogar?????

  12. I thought they were playing from the opposite side of the board until he pushed his pawn

  13. I would have taken his queen with the rook,
    Capturing my king with a single rook is not that easy. Then it would have been a draw.

  14. Unless your king is in front of the pawn that is heading to queen, you may as well resign.

  15. Какая ерунда, неуважение к сопернику

  16. The pawn must landing first to promotional square before it can promote to a queen.

  17. It's annoying when people don't resign

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