Unforeseen Checkmate.

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  1. At the beginning, pawn d5 instead of knight f6 was a fork

  2. This happened to me too don't feel bad grind more

  3. Breath air whale no wonder you're so fucking brain dead

  4. Finally a game i understand wven without commentary

  5. Rip… here what I learned is to try to see what others want to do, it isn’t always obvious.

  6. On one hand rip but on the other hand this is fairly well known, Qg4 is one of the main lines in the copycat variation of the Vienna, and I’ve seen several low elo games end this exact way.

  7. You should play on rapid so you can analyze your moves, blitz will be too hard for beginners becuase you don't have enough time to see your mistakes, but its ok everyone makes mistakes in chess

  8. 95% of ppl opening w this. From my experience, i just put my queen in front of my king to thwart this trash opening. I find it better than messing up my pawn structure

  9. Hey man I’ve been seeing your shorts and you’re improving before our eyes bro, if you’re interested in some help from other players hmu.

  10. Brooo, in your first short, you have like 370s elo, and now you are on your 600s? Wow.

  11. All jokes aside, that 600 knowing vienna opening that far…

  12. Instead of knight f6, should of gone pawn d6, you either get the queen or their bishop

  13. Bro I suggest u NM Rodriguez Ramirez cuz he has lesons in YouTube!!!If u want to find it type in the search point Rodriguez ramirez chess lessons u are gonna find it.
    Pls watch his chess lessons u are gonna improve so much 😀 also pls pin it for others 🙂

  14. bro why do you look dead inside in every single video

  15. There are two types of chess players: People who have fallen for the scholar’s mate at least a few times, and liars

  16. There are two types of chess players: People who have fallen for the scholar’s mate at least a few times, and liars

  17. Man, i really wish to play with you in chess

    R.I.P, fell for the famous trap

  18. Keep it up until your rank become higher and become chess genius!!

  19. My best tip is to try and limit one move damage

  20. unfortunate you'll get him next time 🔥🔥

  21. I like your channel. You just quietly play chess. We all blunder, who cares.

  22. After Qg4 was played, you should have played d5. Good progress though

  23. I think the line here instead of nf6 is: Qf6, Nd5, Qxf2+, Kd1, Kf8, Nh3, Qd4, d3, h5, Qf3, d6, Nxc7, Bg4, Ne6+, Ke7, Nxd4, Nxd4, Ng5, Nf6, Qxg4, Nxg4, Rf1, a6, Nxh2, Rh1, Ng4, cxd4, Bxd4, Nh3, Rac8 …

  24. I’m sure you realise by now but you could have put your queen where your knight was, covering that pawn and also threatening the opponents F pawn, being able to defend by being offensive will give you tempo and force your opponent to react to your moves and put them on the back foot

  25. Pawn to d5 doesn’t work as the queen takes the g pawn still and threatens the rook, if people are going to tell people how to play chess at least get it right and look further than 1 move ahead

  26. I fucking love this guy’s casual demeanor so unbothered

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