Under Promotion and Rook Mate | NYH Chess | Blitz

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  1. I don’t understand, why not just promote to the queen?

  2. Last You didnt move rook. Since no rook move no mate. It stallmate

  3. Gana el jugador de piezas blancas por tiempo, se agota el tiempo antes de acordar tablas…

  4. That was adorable. "Nah bro, you can't put that there."

  5. Obviously playing with a non-chess-playing adult.

  6. Why she choose rook rather than a Queen?😊😊😊

  7. Why was black not advancing towards rook to try and take aaaa

  8. Успехов и побед начинающим!

  9. Disrespect with that under promotion but who cares it’s only a kid

  10. I never played overboard chess. I wonder what happen if you want to promote to if say a queen, but you already have a queen onboard so you can't get another one

  11. I used to be like her when I first started. Prefer to mate with rook up than queen up.

  12. Bro i lost years of life watching that handshake

  13. ты кого хочешь обмануть? ты думаешь…

  14. Why did the young girl only get a rook in exchange for the pawn instead of a new queen ??

  15. What’s the point of showing 2 beginners playing chess ?

  16. Somebody who CAN play chess, vs somebody who cant.

  17. Weakass handshake from the older child 😂

  18. Të lumtë voglushe simpatike piano piano mat i'a bëre

  19. Скажите пожалуйста КТО ПОСАДИЛ ЗА СТОЛ ЭТУ ДЕВУШКУ?
    Девочка просто без шансов урыла ее

  20. So how did it end? It wasn't a draw.

  21. I would cry if my opponent wouldnt make a queen but a rook

  22. Both girls stop the clock very gently 😊

  23. Tak boleh.. Buah lawan dah tinggal 2 mesti guna 3 step je untuk chekmate😅

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