Trash Talking Blitz Chess Feud: Finegold Vs Williams

GM Ben Finegold started it, calling out GM Simon WIlliams on youtube, a weak GM he said, then Williams hit back on Twitter, castigating the world’s oldest GM. Here they are to settle things like real men in a blitz chess trash talk frenzy! The chess drama is real!

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  1. That moment 13:13 can't stop laughing. Still theory

  2. soo hateful it's sad ;( watching in hopes they make up in the end

  3. 39:00 "I actually don't know how to resign. Wait, I should ask you how to resign, you're the expert." This is fine! This is gold!

  4. "these low rated players always play the [french] exchange because they don't know anything else." – Salty Ginger GM

  5. "I got my tittle by beating Danny. That was one of my lowlights" – sweet burn from ben

  6. OMG Ginger GM getting hustled on the first game LOL

  7. 23:19 "wait someone has already had a lot to drink already." Ben as he smiles.

  8. after game 2 simon gets so serious LOL

  9. a fine consept for chess tanks boys

  10. You guys are bonding… You guys are bonding… You guys are bonding… Wait for it … YoU GuYs ArE BoNdiNg OvEr HaiRy ThInGs he he he.. I've never seen someone work so hard for such a lame joke.

  11. Never heard GM’s trashtalk before lol so funny

  12. "Who need rooks, I'm playing the GingerGM"

  13. Seems like a bit of a bias by Danie Rensch to say Simon Williams was overreacting. Not saying it's wrong but as an arbiter he should be completely neutral.

  14. The level of passive aggressiveness in this video

  15. Simon is more of an introverted guy while Ben is one of these guys who just doesn't shut up. That's why Simon is so uncomfortable here

  16. watching my goat Simon throw nonstop is so devastating

  17. Conclusion: Ben Finegold is narrowly better than half-pissed Simon Williams

  18. Danny Rensch is like a shirvelled welt clinging desperately to the anus of chess.

  19. These two just have no clue how to trash talk! 🤣🤣

  20. This is chess from the backstreets son… 😅

  21. This is such a classic, and it's barely even for the chess. Simon is hilarious in his own right, he roasts Ben, but Ben absolutely annihilated Simon to the point where it clearly broke him. I think Simon is considerably stronger ratingwise than Ben, but Ben won so convincingly that it's hard to believe it wasn't mostly because of how brutal he was. He completely got inside of the man's head lol.

  22. Ben is such a treasure to chess god I love this culture

  23. I like Simon BUT he sure looked like a jerk in this video.

  24. At times it feels like the banter is not so playful, I think they actually got very annoyed or even "hurt" at some of the comments. Sad that Simon didn't win… But truth be told, it is fun to watch.

  25. I would love to see magnus and hikaru have a match like this would be awesome too see

  26. I would love to see him and alex banzea have a round

  27. the guy not constantly drinking beats the guy who is…. amazing

  28. Why did Williams lose game four on purpose. He walked right into a checkmate on king h3 when he had queen a7 check and a perpetual at worst. A GM would see that 4 moves ahead and He wasn’t even upset when he lost. Wtf?

  29. Danny needs to stop talking. Dude is full of himself. Lmao

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