Top Funny Moments (World Rapid & Blitz Chess Championship Ceremony 2016)

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  1. Вот индейц помогает как будто что то знает😂

  2. is this 5000 level chess?, last time i checked pawns didnt move that way

  3. oh this is ivanchuk , i just saw him in FIDE 2023

  4. everyone including Magnus is smiling at Ivanchuk when he runs to accept his medal, he's such a liked character

  5. Magnus : Ye buddha mere beech me bhot bolta h

  6. Ivanchuvk wife: honey, you need to go to the store and bring some items.
    Him: yes the position is winnable only of you played pawn e6, then bishop h3

  7. The Healthcare Thought Leadership Podcast says:

    "These flowers have no smell. You gave me defected flowers?" ha ha

  8. Awesome video. Looks like it was recorded in the 90s for VH1 but still awesome.

  9. Best chess video ever , no wonder Ivanchuk is the main character. Love it.

  10. One of the purest hearts in chess. Long live Ivanchuk.

  11. how is this not making millions of views 🤔

  12. Magnus is a great champ but egotistical as fuck

  13. legends say if you came early GJ chess will reply!!!😂😂

  14. 😂 Carlsen's face the entire time

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