Titled Tuesday: Magnus Carlsen Puts On A Blitz Chess Show!

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen decided to throw his blitz chess weight around in the November Titled Tuesday tournament. With strong competition from Hikaru Nakamura and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave registered, this is a show you don’t want to miss!

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  1. How did magnus beat the guy 'caught' cheating? Chess.com tryna tell me magnus is literally god?

  2. 32:06 Qxa1? if white recaptures then rd1+ mate in three unless gives up his other rook with Ne1? am i missing something?

  3. Anyone feel like IM Real-Boy missed something…IM AReal-Boy?

  4. I thought Aman was a GM, because he was so good (at least from what I saw his fast thinking ability). When I realize he is "just" an IM, I know that Chess is tough indeed!

  5. Took me 4 days to watch this when I had spare time lol

  6. Hi there Aman….are you a relative of Wilhelm Steinitz? You seem to have somethings in common with him! Great video Herr Hambleton, thank you!

  7. I love these titled tuesdays. Thanks a lot for the commentary!

  8. 25:38 "I've been shuffling for 45 moves and my opponent hasn't made any progress.. let me try something different" LOL

  9. great commentary and games ! Hope to see more from you Aman 😉

  10. @9.05. "Bishop is on one of the best diagonals in this position." The other diagonal is also one of the best! 😛

  11. LOL i don't think you know what smurfing means.

  12. what a name… tobi wan kenobi using those jedi mind tricks. btw blitz stream almost takes down magnus at around 2:04:00

  13. I hit dia in leage but im 500 rated in chess lol

  14. at 32:04 (I know this is late) but is queen takes a1 not winning? after rook takes queen back rook d1 then rxd1 rxd1 then Ne1 Rxe1#?
    EDIT: I see that you can obviously counter it by making an escape route with the pawn instead of taking the queen but at that point you are still down too much material.

  15. Holy fck, you are the most obnoxious announcer in the chess world. Stay off the board!

  16. All hail the Grob, the master race opening. What a racist idiot.

  17. At 32:08 of the video, what happens if Magnus Carlsen takes white rook by playing Qa8? If white decides not to take the black queen at a8, then Carlsen is up a rook but if white decides to take black queen by playing Ra8, black will simply play Rd8+. White is forced to take the black rook at d8; black will then take the white rook at d8+ from his rook sitting at d1. Checkmate!

    Did Carlsen miss this move? Please provide me your feedback. Thank you very much.

  18. No you cannot interchange Nf3 and Bf4 in the London system. But my comment is a bit unfair. I write this in 2020 where we know so much more about the London system.

  19. Nakamura was so bad compared to his current self… Magnus was truly a bully

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