THIS Is Why He’s The World’s Number One Blitz Player

THIS Is Why Alireza Firouzja is The World’s Number One Blitz chess Player! His epic ability to complicate chess games and find chess tricks and tactics is second to none. Alireza Firouzja will be a world chess champion one day I think, his blitz chess is incredible but so is his overall chess ability and understanding, too good not to be number one! This was played in the Airthings Masters part of the Champions chess tour by

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  1. Appreciate your very good narration and speaking very clearly.

  2. This opens like a inverted Nimzo-Indian, where Black castles in response to e3 just in case white's next move is Nge2, where black plays …Re1 to that in response to a3 the bishop can zip back to the starting square, which is actually a perfectly good outpost for the bishop once you've castled on that side.

  3. cold boss cold-when u said not long for this world-lol

  4. What a banger!In this next one, I wonder if this Cagnus Marlsen is a gatekeeper for the Fazlallah Azizullah… Neither are a match for Niel Hansmann, let alone, Carlos Magnussen, greatest underground chess player known in the underground chess world circuit followed by men of the dark webz.

  5. He is number 1 cry baby. When he was losing the challenger series he went and played blitz like a 5 year old.

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