THIS Is Why He’s The World’s Number One Blitz Player

THIS Is Why Alireza Firouzja is The World’s Number One Blitz chess Player! His epic ability to complicate chess games and find chess tricks and tactics is second to none. Alireza Firouzja will be a world chess champion one day I think, his blitz chess is incredible but so is his overall chess ability and understanding, too good not to be number one! This was played in the Airthings Masters part of the Champions chess tour by

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  1. These Indo-Iranian games are sometimes very exciting. You never know who is going to win. A few weeks ago Magsoodloo played Erigasi and that was one hell of exciting game. Kind of any side could win at any time.

  2. Appreciate the white filter you put on while going over variations. And you even include the time. Agadmator got some serious competition

  3. World's number one blitz player vs future number one blitz player.

  4. Spoiler alert, both players had reasons to be disappointed, and relieved, after this game!

  5. Thanks for sharing the game and thanks for the explanations, Perfect as usual 🙂

  6. chess without firouzja is definitely not the same thing

  7. Really like your vids! Greets from the Netherlands

  8. Been waiting for this vid to drop after Friday. He back baby!

  9. Are chess players developing any real-world skills? or is this the ultimate pass-time of the bourgeois class?

  10. 9:56 "But here we see great counterplay from Alirezar again."
    I love your content, but you really need to pronounce the players' names properly. It's Alireza (without an 'r' at the end).

  11. Great recap! Ali vs. Hikaru face off tmrw at 11 Am

  12. A game from Cagnus Merlson will be interesting to watch 😄

  13. post a video on Cagnus Marlsen vs magnus carlsen , haha

  14. Shoutout to cutemouse83 (Lichess elo 2953) who played this exact game as black, right up to White playing Qb6, offering the queen trade. Cutemouse83 accepted… 🤷🏻‍♂️👏

  15. I hope Alireza develops & progresses into classical Chess player. rather than a Blitz player, stop playing bloody blitz & concentrate on Classical Chess.

  16. Love your recaps. But "begging the question" doesn't mean what you think it means.

  17. I left a comment of a bad move but I can't find it to reply I go blind to pieces

  18. .. volvic should sponsor him 😅😂🤣

  19. Does anybody know why was he not invited to Tata steel?

  20. Alireza is so good at complicating. Most players would suffer a loss in those positions, but he finds a way to make his opponent get nervous. Great prep by Gukesh though!

  21. Gukesh! I'd think this game showcases Gukesh's skills more than that of Alireza. Great content!

  22. So very instruktive videos, thanks a lot

  23. All that work and he missed a simple pawn push at the end. Magnus wouldve been all over that.

  24. Too Bad White had to settle for Draw after coming from behind it seemed very Good play from Black stopping that pawn from promoting Excellent Game Thanks for your Analysis always Exceptional
    As well 😊♟️💯

  25. But firouja played horrible in this tournament especially last couple of days. He hasn't been doing tourneys much and his play is mid these days. He wines like a baby about all these tournaments

  26. Missed Him actually. Good to see him back. Thanks for the video

  27. What's going on with Alireza I hope you play better in a classical tournament

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