This game made Magnus the World Blitz Champion 2019 | Carlsen – Nakamura | TIEBREAK Game 2 |

King Salman World Blitz Championship 2019 finished in a two-way tie between Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura – both scored 16.5 points out of 21. The playoff of two blitz games was used to determine the 2019 World Blitz Champion. The first game ended in a draw. This is the second one that decided the title.

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  1. Does anyone know whats the set that they always use in tournaments?

  2. 6:47 did carlsen miss the mate or he was just teasing Nakamura…it's hard to believe that carlsen missed that mate in 3

  3. a world championship match between 2 greats …… and the board isnt straight

  4. Who still see this match in 2020?fun fact carlsen wearing black clothes and play white pieces while hikaru wearing white clothes and play black pieces(they had planned this hahaha)

  5. this was amazing. Hikaru is one of the best blitz players in the world and yet it was like Magnus was thinking ten moves ahead of him.

  6. I don't understand Qa6 by Hikaru. Was he in a must win situation? That was sort of the turning point which allowed Magnus to get the dominant knights and attack. After the queen trade, Black's position may be slightly worse because White's knights are more active, but it should be holding for black. Qa6 was far too ambitious, unless he needed to win.

  7. Why he didin't continue it I mean Nakamura can even eat that Rocks and wouldn't become Check Mate

  8. I can beat carlsen in blitz 😂 give me that championship

  9. I have seen 2 matches clarsan vs Nakamura. In. Both matches. Nakamura dominate the match at beginning and then loose. His nodding of his head before resign tells the story.

  10. His accent alone is telling me that i can't even afford their water.

  11. I think black still can give a fight why he leave the game. ?

  12. am i the only one thinking? That two Knights is so strong!! With that position

  13. I like how the comments are pointing out how magnus missed an ez checkmate assuming its as easy to see that in their place lol

  14. First like and first comment anuraag bhai. 😃

  15. Hikaru staring at the ceiling makes me wanna stare too

  16. Hikaru congratulated Magnus after the game: 7:27 – not everything about him is "I don't care" etc.

  17. man , now this is how you present a chess game …hatsoff to the editor

  18. so what made him resign? down a knight? He could still prevent mate. Why did he resign?

  19. 6:48 magnus missed Rxh7+ which leads to mate in a few moves.

    Rxh7+ Kxh7 Qh5+ Kg8 Ne7++ or
    Rxh7+ Kg8 Ne7+ Kxh7 Qh5++

  20. 0:11 when nakamura suddenly realize he forgot to locked the front door 🤣

  21. Carlsen lo hizo ver tan fácil… Nakamura es un mounstruo del blitz y de la táctica.

  22. Hikaru's face at 0:25 when he realizes Magnus is going for the London System xD

  23. esos saludos de todos los ajedresistas son de los mas falsos que he visto

  24. I would never forget this game. They way he calculated those knights coming in with the rooks protecting it! If hikaru cry baby didnt take it with his rook it would lead to a humiliating knight checkmate. Beautiful

  25. Watching Magnus Carlson at work is amazing. Hikaru Nakamura is outstanding in his own right. But Magnus can beat you no matter the stakes setting or format.

  26. Магнус мат в три хода не нашёл после Kbc5🤐
    1.Лh7+ Kph7 2.Фh5+ Kpg8 3.Ke7× 🤔

  27. Magnus eyes look like two knights on the prowl.

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