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  1. LOL..been playing chess since 1987 and never seen that opening before.

  2. The guy was a good player but hutch lost his queen both times cause he wasn't paying attention.

  3. I  REMMBER this from the stream i dead laughing

  4. It's like he's giving you a 3 turn head start.

  5. He fucking donates at the end! Thats hilarious.

  6. Just out of curiosity (I'm a total chess scrub), would you say those were forced mistakes? Like is this guy actually really good, or was Hutch derping? Or both?

    I am absolutely not implying anything, I'm awful at chess. I literally want to know from someone who knows what they're doing.

  7. That guy was awesome! Not just for being good at chess, but being funny and classy at the same time.

  8. You look at the end he donated $5 and said your going to lose this match

  9. Aim of the game, kidnap hutch's queen then surrender.

  10. i think HUTCH didn't notice NNHSChess donation at the end of the video  xD

  11. I actually remember this happened like a week ago, I was watching the stream and actually started laughing my ass off. After watching that opening my ELO rating (rating beside name) went up like 150-200, I shit you not.

  12. Awesome ending with the $5 donation from him. Definitely should earn a spot with another chess video

    … I wonder if it's that chess network guy on here

  13. I like to imagine NNHSChess was attacked by assassins or scantly clad soviet spies or something, thus prompting him to resign. After such a strange opening, and pushing your shit in so fast, it is obviously the only explanation.

  14. This guy is some sort of space wizard, I swear.

  15. Does anyone know his vape setup? Random ass question I know. Just curious.

  16. Dude keep up with these chess videos. I check youtube literally everyday just for these, sometimes having to re watch the old ones. ily

  17. That last donation fucking blew my mind. That guy is a seriously skilled player who was just toying with Hutch. 

  18. LoganDWED – "You've entertained me for years, have $4.20". Don't spend it all in one place Hutch, put it in the bank and let the interest build up. It's what Logan would have wanted for his years worth of entertainment.

  19. The person you played is a person I stream chess with. I didn't believe he actually did this to you omg hahahahahha

  20. someone help a beginner out- how does black take his queen at 7:04? I'm confused on how the knight is allowed to jump over other pieces.

  21. That NNHSChess guy has beaten a 2000-plus player before. 

  22. One of the most entertaining vids you've uploaded. That guy is awesome. Kudos to him.

  23. NNHS chess is the man

    whenever youre streaming chess he will stay around the same rating as you and time his games right while watching you play directly off the site 

    always chat it up with him in the chat

  24. one of the good things about being bad at chess like myself is dealing with agressive moves under pressure and once in a while figuring it out and eventually you can place peaces blindly and you have a counter for every occasion its an enjoyable learning curve.;]But im still shit.

  25. I wanted to see your reaction to that last donation. 

  26. And on top of all that, the donation at the end xD this guys deserves an award!

  27. Song name at the beginning is "Haywyre feat. CoMa – Time"

  28. i like how he then gave you money saying "you're going to lose this match". definitely a true troll

  29. Dont know if you noticed but this guy is playing on a level with chess network google him XD. I mean the crazy one you know which one X)

  30. i had a handheld digital chess game as a kid and it did this move all the time on easy, i never understood why

  31. lol the donation at the end is priceless lol "you are going to lose this match" lololol from NNHS lololololol

  32. So Hutch. You're not a titled player? What's your FIDE rating, if you even have one?

    Are you supposed to repretent all the regular members who are rated under 1800 or something?

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