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  1. id love to see a video of hutch just texting, nothing else. 

  2. Anyone else notice the last donation he got? lmao

  3. Lol, I just won a game with that transvestite opening. It feels glorious. 

  4. And of course the last donation is from his opponent. XD

  5. ahahhaha the donation at the end is the cherry on top

  6. Love it, he must feel sorry for you, that's why he resigns , hehe

  7. Hahah I had the same reaction when I saw the transvestite opening. Loving that name!

  8. resigns when you blunder your queen twice and donates 5 bucks ?? stalker alert lol

  9. he tipped you 5$ just to say you will loose the match lol

  10. hahaha that guy was awesome you should send him friend invite!! 😀

  11. Transvestite opening OP Jerry needs to make an opening video on how great it is.

  12. The Transvestite Opening is Overpowered. It needs to be nerfed.

  13. 7:53 it's funny how he takes the phone and doesn't even care what his opponent played ! 

  14. Is chess gonna finally become cool? Make it happen, Hutch.

  15. Dropped pieces that's just how blitz goes. But he'd be a pretty bad ass chess player if he had any end game skills

  16. What is that? WHAT the fuck is that?!

  17. at that last games end he could have checkmated you in 2 moves i believe. queen to f7 then castle to b1. you could block with you castle but if he takes the castle your still screwed. 

  18. 7:48 – rather then Bb7, I think Hutch's opponent should've done d5 to potentially save the Knight with Bc5 or xe4 coming soon

  19. You know something's gone wrong in your life when your opponent takes pity on you by resigning when you accidentally lose your queen. Hutch, I love you, but fuck me.

  20. ill be waiting for you in the 1550 – 1600 range lol 😛

  21. I played NNHSChess when he was around a 1.1k rating. I got stomped 🙁

  22. I love how at the end NNHSChess donates to Hutch saying "You are going to lose this match."

  23. Has no one else noticed that NNHS donates $5 at the end and says you are going to lose this match?

  24. He was in the stream at the end he donates and writes you are going to lose this math

  25. Cool guy, he donated before end of youtube vid haha

  26. To be fair, it was less amazing play by the opponent and a lot more disastrous blunders from Hutch. I mean no disrespect, I feel like Hutch's game is pretty strong, and the games are quite fun to watch.

  27. mr NHS over there been raiding the medicine cupboards !

  28. HAHAHAHAHA!!! That guy was definetly trolling you. xD

  29. Amazing … I think he might be sandbagging ….

  30. It looks more like the Burger King Opening.

  31. that Jedi mind trick: "you are going to lose this match."…

  32. Hutch's sheer befuddlement in this video is hilarious.

  33. i like the way nnhs donated just before he no scoped hutches queen

  34. dude i was so hoping he would play k d1, and then he did and I was like 'yes'

  35. Congratulations to NNHS Chess for being the best troll in chess history

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