The Magnus Carlsen interview after he won World Rapid and Blitz 2022 | It’s a tradition now!

“It takes 3 times to make something a tradition”, is what Magnus Carlsen told us in Warsaw after the World Rapid and Blitz 2021. He was referring to the fact that we had interviewed him after 2019 event and then in 2021. And so in order to make it a tradition, we ensured that we did it third time around as well, this time in 2022 at Almaty, Kazakhstan where Magnus had won the gold in both rapid and blitz formats!

So, we asked Magnus after the closing ceremony if we could come to his hotel to do an interview and the champion obliged. This interview shows Magnus in a different light as the World Champion speaks his mind and tells us about his true feelings during both the events that he played. He shows us his human side. We hope you enjoy this 19 minute interview with the man who is arguably the greatest chess player in the history of the sport.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Indian and Norwegian having a very good conversion with detail and nuance in common language of English. Both far more competent in English than majority of us native English speakers

  2. Lovely interview. The excitement and joy went bothways and Magnus was very engaged. Great job!

  3. When indians speak english… sänkjuforcallingcustomasupport?! 😁

  4. Best in the world. Brilliant consistentcy. Saying that Magnus won it again is easy but actually doing it is really tough

  5. OMG I've been waiting for this interview for so long! Finally a tradition lol. Loved this tournament so much from the start to the end. Magnus' insane domination is still very much alive. Everyone played their hearts out and the guy still won both the tournaments. Of course, the gold medal for the best coverage goes to Chessbase India. Best content, no question!❤💯

  6. Finally magnus Sagar interview after world rapid and blitz is tradition now 🥳


  8. Wow , magnus giving Special invited interview to Sagar has got be the biggest headline 🥳

  9. Third time is a tradition 🔥🔥.
    Thank you so much Sagar sir for this❤❤

  10. Sagar never dissapoints! And great of GM Carlsen to sit down and dicuss. Making a note here: "Huge success." 😉

  11. It's a tradition but the last two times he was giving the interview while leaving but this time he is sitting and the interview is much longer… So doesn't feel the same XD

  12. People after years will revisit these interviews to hear the greatest chess player ever (hopefully in the distant future too)

  13. Nice interview sagar….magnus seems so happy

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