‘That is dirty!’ | Magnus Carlsen destroyed in 18 moves | Banter Blitz chess.com

Grandmaster Daniel King looks at the game Supi vs Carlsen from a banter blitz session by Magnus on chess.com. Support on Patreon: 🔥 ►Support via PayPal (💲):
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  1. Those praising Magnus sportsmanship maybe don’t know he played a second game against Supi, was in trouble again, with white, and only managed to win by flagging. After that he ran away from Supi, refusing a third game against him.

  2. came here from elisabeth paehtz yt channel

  3. Carlsen fell to the traditional brazilian 'dibre'…

  4. why don't anyone suspect it was an engine? I mean… seems suspicious to me, more than 4 seconds for each move, extremely precise, sacrifice of the queen, inevitable checkmate

  5. if this happen in worldchess champition

  6. As Fischer once said: the Scandinavian is an inferior defense.

  7. How strong was magnuss opponents. And his rating.

  8. Damn can we please stop going four or five moves into variations that never happened for christ sakes , show the actual game then go over what could have happened.

  9. Alexander Grischuk with long white hair looks weird 😂🤣

  10. Carlsen was just playing for fun…don't take it seriously….like joker says…Why So Serious?😊

  11. I would win versus anyone if I used a chess engine also. Most GM's use engines while playing. FACTS!!

  12. Ive only ever reached 1700 on chess. Com and not stayed that level very long. But i do think the combinations can be endless. Most people cannot remember multi combinations somewhere most people forget something. Some important move.

  13. As long as he doesnt fight against alpha zero that makes Kasparov unique because he is the only one who faugh against engune moster of hes age

  14. Maybe this would be watchable if you didnt start by asking for all the doodads..dislike from me :/

  15. At 2:00 why not just c4 and then follow up with knights or something?

  16. He actually challenged same opponent right away but I dont know how that game went

  17. Would queen B1 check have been a way out, then take rook a2 if not exchanged by rook a1?

  18. Awesome for being accessible. True champion.

  19. Those are the moves that recall me why i love chess !

  20. He didn't have to resign. If you look at the board you will see the escape!!!!

  21. How is the game over? C6xQ, qB1 check, then kB8

  22. What about 19.Qb1ch and thereafter take either the Rook or Queen?

  23. Analyze with engine, Stockfish sees the position as equal but after Qc6 it's forced mate in 6 for white. Only one rook can deliver checkmate in a8 and no Queen sac can help it.

  24. You made it look like magnus was in the video. He’s not, you are. I feel betrayed.

  25. After the pawn capture pawn why Black didn't give a check using the queen. With a queen sacrifice he can win the game too.

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