Tata Steel Chess India 2022 Open | Blitz | Day 1 | Live commentary by Sagar, Tania

TATA STEEL CHESS INDIA RAPID & BLITZ, India’s biggest chess tournament, will be held from November 29 till December 4, 2022. The open tournament has been on for three editions now and in its fourth edition, TSCI will have a women’s tournament with the same format – rapid and blitz.

The Format
Two tournaments: a women’s event and an open event.
The tournament will be played in two formats – rapid and blitz.

Rapid Tournament
A single 10-player Round Robin played on November 29, 30 and December 1, with 3 rounds per day. The time control is 15 minutes for the entire game with an increment of 10 seconds from Move 1.

Blitz Tournament
A double 10-player Round Robin played on December 3 and 4, with 9 rounds per day. The time control is 3 minutes with an increment of 2 seconds from Move 1.


Day 1: Coming Soon!

Video: ChessBase India
Thumbnail: Abhyudaya Ram

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One Comment

  1. What a treat! Thanks guys. Amazing lineup, almost all the players you would wish for in such a tournament, and so much Vishy commentating. Usually I love Tanya and Sagar, they were perfect the first couple of days, so enjoyable to watch, but are getting a bit silly by now, can't be easy commenting all day every day. Love the high spirits, but the hand signals etc are a bit…cringy. Sagar bring Tanya more food and water, sheesh! Though then maybe your wife would get too jealous, wouldn't blame her either. Vishy brought some welcome sobriety and sanity.Contrary to other some comments on this page, I thought how they went from game to game was great, I had no problem following what was analysis and what not etc. It's about the best you can do, jumping to the most exciting game at any moment, plus trying to glance at any games that are interesting. Thanks again, super-enjoyable. A really great event.

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