Sochi. FM E. Borisova (2110) vs WFM Fatality (2011). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. La música estropea el video.Prefiero el ruido del reloj y las piezas😥😡

  2. Un espanto la musica. Asi sn puede ver ajedrez

  3. Hermoso fondo musical relajante…gran partida.

  4. Muy buena partida. Pero la música se la podian ahorrar. Sobre todo esta clase de música.

  5. Beautiful music as well as both beautiful players !❤❤

  6. What happened? They drew the first game and then agreed to play again?

    I do like the music but I can see how other people would find it distracting.

  7. Borisova is so beautiful especially when she smiles

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