Smiley (1630) vs Tweedledum (1537). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. Even Magnus would have to step up to win an endgame like this against Tweedledum with only a few pieces left in blitz. This is where Tweedledum excels. He is lightening fast and can continue to be so for as long as it takes. Watch M. Aghazada (1472) vs Tweedledum (1479). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz. Tweedledum doesn't make ONE mistake in the last 100 lightening fast moves. It is so impressive!

  2. Algun dia veremos a este niño-genio, contra Magnus ??

  3. Ассаламуалейкум в здравствуйте даа малой парень не по годам умный парнишка

  4. Yayyyyy Bravo………. The world is watching you little boy. I have never played chess in my life BUT i love watching you. Whenever i am watching you, I have confidence in you that you will win always. NOW you are winning people' hearts. We all love you.

  5. The kid looks very much tired Isn't he?

  6. Малой Молодец! НО! 1) Слишком много отвлекается и из-за этого иногда проигрывает. 2) Часто ставит неаккуратно фигуры – наполовину клетки, а нас учили ставить не выходя за пределы клетки – это уважение к шахматам и противнику. А в остальном – красавчик!

  7. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍

  8. He doesn't even pay attention to the game. He turns around, scans the board and makes a calculated move in seconds, totally amazing!

  9. So sorry I keep asking this question
    But I keep deleting my post
    The numbers next to each person‘s name, is that ranking by age? Is that ranking by country, is that a world ranking?

  10. La sonrisa de este niño es maravillosa. ❤❤❤❤❤

  11. Больше всего в игре Германа мне нравится то, как он, отвлекаясь по сторонам и на свои личные дела, быстро снова вникает в игровую ситуацию.
    Молодчинка! 💘

  12. I see there are other kids there as well.

  13. Sensational!!! I love his sweet little fairy smiley face!❤

  14. No entiendo del juego pero, hasta le dijo que terminara con el reloj antes de darle la mano, Por Dios tiene el tablero en su Cabecita y también lo que pasa en su un Genio!❤

  15. o menino coça a cabeça, vira a cabeça para um lado e para o outro, coloca a cabeça no ombro, olha para o adversário, olha para trás e não vê o outro movendo a peça, dedo no nariz, boceja, mão na orelha, coça o olho, parece que não está nem aí para o jogo e vence 😂😂

  16. I am 75.I can watch this Kid whole day without getting bored.

  17. He smiles when he wins and cries when he loses. He’ll be a champion someday

  18. I did not love chess too much..but i watch this boy game..he looks alot like of my grandchildren

  19. Mon futur champion du monde Tweedledum courage et droit vers le but–bonne chance

  20. I love how casual and even inattentive Tweedledum appears. Facinating.

  21. این فرشته کوچولو نه میتواند غم خود رو و هم شادی خود رو پنهان کنه ❤ولی ما بزرگ سالان با سیاست غم و شلدی خود رو پنهان میکنیم .

  22. 10:7 dia harus mengangkat kuda chekmate bukan gajah

  23. Hi, Thanks for uploading this video, I Don’t understand this game.( Chess.). But i love to see this, Intelligent, Kid. When he played.😊🤝🇸🇬🇸🇬🇸🇬🤝👍

  24. Magic !! la candeur.. l'espièglerie infantile..😻 et le Génie !!
    Bravo Tweedl' nous sommes conquis par ta beauté d'Âme !! 🥳 👍👍

  25. Tweedledum is amazing and fun to watch making his seemingly effortless moves. I look forward to more great games by this fascinating competitor. 👍✨⭐🌟🏆🌟⭐✨

  26. It’s interesting. I have watched quite a few videos of this child. Regardless of where the action is in the room he always looks to his right, never his left.

  27. Hallo Lieber Tweedledum, du bist ein GENIE.!

  28. Даздравствует новый чемпион,малой красавчик👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  29. После зевка соперника малыш вдруг проснулся

  30. Why is he always yawning and tired?
    His parents need to manager his time better so he can get some much needed rest.

  31. Это издевательство уже какое-то)

  32. Well Smiley king position is blown wide open early in the game by Tweededum bishop sacrifice at 01:00

  33. Красавчик! Просто раскатал в меньшинстве! Без шансов! Прогресс налицо!

  34. Tweedledum, the genius, same as his sister Alice

  35. Just a minute to ago, at a clear disadvantage, minus a bishop. Then to my surprise, some well-placed strategic moves won the game. Well done Tweedledum.

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