Quick Tips for Blitz

I don’t advise beginners to play fast time formats like blitz or bullet chess… but if you do feel the urge, I offer a few tips in this short video.

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  1. I’m experimenting still and I like 5 mins 5 sec increment, and 7 min 7 sec increments. It hits a sweet spot for me in that it forces me to eval and think better more quickly, but it’s not so fast that I don’t have time to evaluate.

  2. It was a Caro Kann, and then you played the Fantasy which I do not know at all. I wanted the exchange. Lesson, don't play an opening until you have the lines down. Thanks for the games mate!

  3. Played game against higher rated player and won in 30 Min timeframe.
    Used that method to check what is defending what from your videos. Thanks 🎉👍

  4. I feel like if I play more games, I'll learn to not blunder pieces faster, because I'll just play more games. Like right now, I play 10 minute games and I can think about moves for 2 full minutes and then end up playing a move where my queen is hanging lol. I just feel like if I played more games, like if I played 5 minutes, I'd probably learn not to mess up faster. I've been playing for about a month now, been watching some chessbrah building habits videos and I'm rated 800 now. But that's at 10 minutes, and I just hang pieces making me lose

  5. Thanks for the don't play 5min blitz advice because I am getting my butt handed to me even though I was just getting used to 10min and was doing well.. now my game's all screwed up, ugh

  6. Hey a week ago I started to play blitz and my rating increased so fast like +60 +70 but since then I lost 7 matches in a row it started to increase so slow like +10 +15 why is this happened and what can I do to prevent this

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