Press conference with Magnus Carlsen, 2022 World Blitz Champion

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  1. Why does the translator have to translate every single word. Why can't they just put sub titles.

  2. We don't know magnus probably he will give this title and probably in 2025 he will again a challenger of world champion 🌏🏆

  3. Унылые вопросы, унылые ответы. Все остальное тоже на таком слабом уровне было организовано?

  4. Very easy to win a championship at a game where anyone with more talent than him quits for greener pastures.

  5. Magnus is Undisputed GOAT. But absolute respect to Hikaru, what a fight he gave!

  6. Im surprised he didn't thank Rapport… Triple Crown GOAT

  7. Grats to the goat! This guy looks like Kramnik

  8. Me and my phone can beat two Magnus, that puts me on the upside.

  9. Getting irritated for the flow interruptions

  10. "Third" at the end made me admire him more.

  11. i hope the journalist lady got her picture with Magnus at the end
    she sounded very loving and excited for Magnus

  12. Three way champion three times. Will never happen again.

  13. nice job Sagar in askingg silly questions

  14. “Being slightly better at chess than the others helps” !!!

  15. GOAT OF THE GOATS !!! The Greatest Chess player ever to live!!!!

  16. Please releasde a version without all that silly translation?

  17. @5:51 – "The empire strikes back"
    Lol – the comment nobody asked for…

  18. …such a candidly honest champion
    Magnus has evolved into
    a very mature

  19. Bobby Fisher has nothing on this man. Magnus is the new GOAT.

  20. Running out of superlatives for Mr Carlsen. Clearly the GOAT. Very few weaknesses, glorious endgame with an unequalled over the board temperament.

  21. So if he's not going to defend his title, will he still be ranked the #1 in the world? Always hoped he'd dominate for 20 years so that he'd take the "greatest ever" crown without too much debate.

  22. Congratulations for the best World Chess Champion of all time.

  23. Magnus, what’s the formula for your success? “Being slightly better at chess than the others helps!” LOL.

  24. Great interview, very clear. It was a very exciting tournament 👏🏻🏆

  25. … being a little bit better than the others at chess …

    The blunt truth.

  26. Is "I was trying to win as many games as I could" not a truism … for all players.

  27. I have to admit… I used to be the guy saying Kasperov was the GOAT until Magnus proves himself. Magnus is clearly the GOAT, and he's been there for a while.

  28. Fischer would have given him a go in any of the formats.

  29. Congratulations Magnus on confirming you are the greatest chess player of all time!

  30. He trolled Nakamura by stating the FACT !! :P. Naka played extremely well but Magnus is next level beast !

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