Pinkamena (1583) vs Smiley (1704). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. Pinkamena dan A. Yunker pecatur cilik calon juara masa depan !!

  2. I usually start the game by asking opponents… “pull my finger.”

  3. It cost him great effort to gain the upper hand. (after some bad mistakes of him)

  4. Partie pas facile. Bien disputé des deux côtés.

  5. Love seeing the return of the animal hats and weird handshakes.

  6. Good game both, always fun watching watching Pinkamena and Smiley play 😊

  7. The smile of pinkamena is just the greatest, and… I love the hat❤.

  8. Ok yeah great smile and cute hat but her game play is getting sloppy, shes seems to have no regards for pawns, seen this in quite a few recent games, she gets fixated on moving a knight back and forth for no real purpose while a whole wing of pawns are decimated [which ended up costing her this game]. She ought to consider taking a nice nap before games, and pretty rare to see her get called out on her illegal moves, props to this guy for doing so, most are too sympathetic to do it to a cute little girl while she does it all the time.

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