Pinkamena (1554) vs G. Yunker (1126). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. 7:28 Did Yunker have chance to win? Check from Rook at f1 (protected by the pawn)?

  2. The older your age…,u're more focus playing. I can't stand waiting to see u're the next woman world champion…

  3. Учи, учи, училка!😊

  4. Pinkamena is back with a victory! Congratulations!! 🙂

  5. She went to go shake his hand why the pull back? Very well played great job.

  6. Baš si ga naljutila! Pinkamena ✨️

  7. Ферзя! Ферзя же ловить надо было слоном на E1!

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