Pinkamena (1393) vs A. Safronenko (1531). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. Don't let me down good luck shirt – let her down,

  2. We love you yeh yeh yeh. And you love the Beetles😊😊😊❤❤

  3. Да здравствует Пинкамена!

  4. El juego estaba tan emocionante que no me di cuenta hasta el final que el tiempo habia llegado a 0 desde jugadas atras

  5. Fairly even until the end and then Pinkamena gives away all her pawns.

    She had a nice pair of pawns on the edge, and at 8:54, she gives it away.


  6. Safronenko played the old Steinitz defense to the Ruy Lopez (by transposition from a 4 Knights Game), something Pinkamena has played herself many times. She got a slight edge coming out of the opening but then must have made some inaccuracies, as Safronenko got an edge going into the endgame.

  7. Im very impressive what Pinkamena playing. I wish she had win this game. 👍

  8. Pinka double pawn gets eaten at 7:48, she should not have traded the bishop for the knight going into an endgame with that ugly double pawn, or avoiding the double pawn altogether when trading pieces so heavily

  9. Pinka had at least one opportunity for a stalemate but she didn't realize it.

  10. Stratégie technocratique,aucune poésie… smile,happy day than

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