Pin And Win | Blitz Chess On Lichess

– Check it out to improve from your Blitz games!

Straight-up 3-minute blitz action!
Checkmate ends the game and that’s important to remember today, as Simon takes on the very best from Lichess. Join in the fun and learn along the way from watching these games.

This video is taken from a stream please bear that in mind when watching.

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Chess Stream #137 LiChess stream: Put that in your pipe and smoke it!


  1. Love the frequent uploads, keep up the good work Simon

  2. "I rarely play a good game at chess"
    [proceeds to win the game].
    Apparently he's also good at poker.

  3. Thanks for uploading. But I feel you can improve your speed a little bit man.😅Then you will win more games.

  4. Simon, thank you so much for the black lion course. I am enjoying it so much and crushing my opponents. However i often face one line from white which I’m not sure how to handle. And i couldn’t find in the course either.

    1. e4 d6 2. d4 Nf6 3. Bd3 e5 4. d5 c6 5. c4

    So you see it kind of transposes to old Indian as if white started with d4 and c4. It’s hard to play. I try playing a5 to secure my knight at c5. But don’t know how to make any progress in the position.

    Please help with this line.
    I don’t know how to contact you. So just putting here on chat

  5. Саймон, нафиг ты в последней партии фирца зевнул?

  6. Simon uploads, I favorite before even viewing it…

  7. @GingerGM i want to hug you 😀 you are sweet guy – subscribed

  8. I think green tea has more caffeine than coffee

  9. keep it going, and please more long play games!

  10. Simon was cracking me up the whole time this video. The guy is a legend.

  11. Win or lose, always a pleasure to watch. Green tea? Surely a ginger tea would eradicate those blunders.

  12. Appreciate all the recent content. Always enjoy having a beer and watching. Cheers!

  13. “I got a new job… I have to pay them.”
    Made me belly laugh

  14. When I heard you talking about crazy golf, I started to prepare for a blunder. Same thing with "fencing with a sword". You were 90% telling a story, and 10% focused on the game. But still you often find good moves with instinct.

  15. It would be good to see a collab with you and Gotham, have a few games.

  16. 58:40 'feels correct' … absolute classic : ) … the ups and downs are well worth it, by far GingerGM you are the most entertaining GM

  17. Simon, I so much enjoy seeing you play. Thanks for all those steady uploads. Makes my day.

  18. “Crazy golf” ?! Call it by its proper name: Putt putt

  19. Blundering makes you relatable.

    "I don't want to be relatable. I want to win!"

  20. Gingergm is the best chess streamer
    Fat ass finegold makes too many weird comments in his stream

  21. Pin and win or in like Flyn? Tough choices to be made.

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