paulw7uk chess v 2542 FM my first blitz win v 2500+ on

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 3-min blitz chess on played in the 61st mega team battle. opponent used bezerk mode, 50% of time but bonus point if wins. my first win on against anyone over 2500 in blitz time control. 82% v 87% accuracy. have won against 2733 in blitz on and 2733 in bullet on full game on channel: – game on


  1. Did this guy just start playing? Im not a GM but I'm still 250 above him. SM (Senior Master).

  2. You're so composed. Id be screaming and highfiving my confused dog.

  3. I think you have a good reason for not showing the entire game but i would of loved to see how you got 20+ seconds

  4. insane how you held on for so long after the promotion

  5. Tbh i think winning on time while ur down a bunch of material isnt impressive at all

  6. Brilliant win!!! The pressure must have gotten to your opponent. Can’t believe he missed queen c1 let alone the other mate in 1’s. Awesome content love your humility.

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