paulw7uk chess v 2233 blitz back rank checkmate tactic

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 3-min blitz chess on we got a win in this game after opponent overlooked the back rank checkmate tactic boxing in the king. 96% v 73% accuracy. game on
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  1. Tricky this is why I don’t like bullet or blitz I need time on the clock

  2. You're most smart chess gamer!🔥

  3. I love Ur vids, real gentleman playing real game, love it🤵

  4. using the example of this video, we learned that 2200 counts only two half-steps ahead

  5. Interesting how he blundered the checkmate that he actively made a move to avoid 10 seconds ago.

  6. I love getting inspired from ur chess vids to play chess n lose to a 600 elo player. then my hoped and dreams get crushed until i see another chess palyer

  7. Funny how the white king blundered badly (he could have placed the king outside of the pawns that could block the king leading to checkmate, but he was already too late, the bishop and the rook already occupied the king's space)

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