paulw7uk chess v 1715 blitz watch out for basic tactics

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 3-min blitz chess on
selected this clip as it highlights basic tactics to be aware of which can be very easy to miss, for either player, in short time controls.
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game on


  1. Nice one btw may I know what your rapid or blitz rating is?

  2. After white pushed their pawn to F3, did you have Nc3? Bishop takes and you take the night is a fair trade, your method was much stronger in the end

  3. It is very enjoyable and instructive to watch your matches. When you beat the man, I am happy as if you beat him.😂😄

  4. Hey Paul, i dont usually ask other chess player this question but when I saw you one day i realized your a powerful chess player and i could learn something from a good player like you, heres my issue when i play chess, im 12 years old and im struggling at 1400elo mainly because i dont understand piece maneuvering and other more positional concept,

    if you're tired and don't want to help me its okay, i dont really ask some guys in youtube about my chess problem because their famous soo the comment section back there was full soo its literally 1/1000% possibilities that the owner of the video saw my comment but youre famous also but you usually comment on youre comment section,
    Thats the reason why i ask you this
    Hope you have a good day😊❤

  5. Nice to see you play blitz (my preferred time control). As a new player i’m not quite fast enough to completely follow you in bullet 😅

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