Out of control | Magnus Carlsen vs Richard Rapport | Blitz Wch 2022

GM Daniel King examines the game Magnus Carlsen vs Richard Rapport from the Blitz World Championships. Support on Patreon: 🔥 ►Support via PayPal (💲):
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  1. Love to see you play magnus danny…just for fun even,ever get the chance when you meet him next if you can record a quick game.Go to tata steel in 2023 and see if he will,my moneys on you,seriously…

  2. Yes! I was hoping you'd cover this game. 🤩

  3. Queen endgames. Never enjoyed those, not even in classical Chess.
    At least I saw that f3 move this time, thanks to the very limited effective squares available for the black Queen to come back to, from the corner.

    Thanks for your videos,
    your channel made this quite bleak 2022 definitely more bearable.

  4. This was the most insa e game, I was so hoping for Carlsen to win this insanity.

  5. 18:30 is the type of position you see in a book puzzle and think to yourself "how ridiculous – when is this position ever going to arise in a normal game?!"

    Such an incredible game. Listening to Magnus' enthusiasm in describing this game afterwards was brilliant – it is so clear the passion and excitement he still has for exciting chess! Your assessment of his play at around 25:20 is so spot on. Striving for the maximum is so important!

    I would even go as far as saying that Magnus' physical strength is so key to his success and that maybe other players need to start building their physical strength in order to have the intensity throughout these long day tournaments.

    Regarding your comments about classical chess at the end of the video, what is your opinion on Magnus' wish for there to be an introduction of Classical time formats for Fischer Random?

  6. It's hard to believe Magnus would walk away from the classical title. If anyone were to maintain a connection to classical, it should be Magnus, for no other reason than to stamp his complete authority on the game.

  7. To remind us (and I actually had to look it up), players get 180 seconds plus 2 . This analysis is practically something what the Slo Mo Guys use to do with their highspeed cameras.

  8. This game is like the old MittelEuropa joke about Hungarians: Someone who comes into a revolving door behind you and comes out of it in front of you.

  9. Thank you Daniel for a great year of analysis on such wonderful chess played by all. Keep them coming please as you make so many people happy. Cheers bud.

  10. and where is your traditional list of the best games of the year?

  11. Saw this incredible match live. Kudos to Carlsen & Rapport.
    Excellent recap, as usual.

  12. On Carlsen's physical condition he said he just had to go skiing before the day's play. "Maybe l would have broken a leg." And he just shrugged, magnificently. All the best for 2023 Daniel. Cheers

  13. 5:40 I like your Nh4, O-O, f5 idea a lot more than what Carlsen played. It feels so much safer for white's king, and connects the rooks

  14. Like engines: always look at checks and captures, especially captures with check like Rxf4+. Easier said than done especially in blitz ofc.

  15. I am simply someone who has always enjoyed classical chess. For me it is a shame chess is drifting more towards speed events instead of a more balanced chess spectacle. My best. Love and peace. Tim

  16. Thanks Danny for your excellent analysis and comments on this video and throughout 2022. 👍👍
    Happy New Year to everyone 🎉🎉

  17. Thanks Danny for another year of Powerplay Chess. I always look out for your new content and enjoy your analysis very much. Like you I find it sad that elite level chess seems to be moving to faster time limits and online formats. Sometimes I think people forget that at an amateur level, most of us still want and need to play at Classical limits to achieve anything close to a quality game of chess. At faster time limits most of my games are not worth much at all. I hope FIDE and other organisers will keep in their minds that not everyone is an elite level player.

  18. Tough one for Rapport. I thought he had it. Great review.

  19. Thank you Daniel for your excellent analysis and have a happy new year! You are the best!👍

  20. superb analysis and classy as always. This was truly the most mad game I saw live recently. Happy new year to Daniel and his team of the channel (and to everyone reading this, really)

  21. I think the problem with classical chess is that computer's are killing the advantage for white players. It seems that all the variations lead to a draw agaisnt well prepared opponent, and elite players have studied almost everything. It's pretty rare to see wins straight from the opening brilliance which is sad in my opinion. Classical chess gives the time for every elite player to remember the lines. so most of the decisive results come from endgame blunders. I know I am generalizing here, but hopefully you get my point. Nevertheless, great analysis as always Daniel.

  22. Thank you Daniel for your great analysis, and wishing you a Happy New Year. I was going to ask this question but you answered it at the end of the vid. I agree I find it a bit disheartening to hear 'player X was very low on time and blundered'. I prefer classical to blitz and rapid as the time factor seems to be always be a bit of a cop out. I guess it's similar to Test cricket compared to One Day or T20 – it's more 'exciting' to the casual viewer.

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