Out of control | Magnus Carlsen vs Richard Rapport | Blitz Wch 2022

GM Daniel King examines the game Magnus Carlsen vs Richard Rapport from the Blitz World Championships. Support on Patreon: 🔥 ►Support via PayPal (💲):
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  1. The video glitches if I try to open it, has it been deleted?

  2. As my dad often said: Happy new year, and thanks for this, old one.

  3. So glad you reviewed this game. I was transfixed by it when watching it as it happened. One might be disappointed by the eclipse of the game when it was played under the classical time control, but the rapid time control makes chess a real spectator sport. Perhaps the rise of the engine has been a factor in the change in popularity. Spending a long time to try to find a move which an engine – which could be in every onlookers hand – can see and evaluate in a flash seems rather pointless. Thanks for your analyses all of which I've enjoyed.

  4. i said f3 , can i have a gold star please?

  5. Thanks Daniel so great speach and elocuence of an old Profesor. Have a Happy and glorious New Year…be well, be safe. Cheers 🤝

  6. Happy New Year! I agree with everything you said at the end. I will go a little further with the "playing for a win" aspect of it. I do lament the seeming lack of ambition some players have when it comes to "always playing for a win". I know that, some of this is created by the way classical tournaments handle invitations. You need your FIDE rating to be as high as possible, so many players do whatever they can to make sure they don't lose. They're fine with draws. They win less, but they lose less. Not Carlsen. He always plays for a win. Easier for him maybe, because he's better than everyone else. However, players like Nakamura never seem to get what they could out of their careers. Naka always pre-determines who he's going to try to beat. I think it costs him points. It probably cost him a shot at the WC in the last candidates match.

    I just wish there were more Carlsen's, more Rapports, more Nepo's…I need players who are willing to set the board on fire. Not afraid to lose. Hello Alexei! Sorry Ulf. It is entertainment, after all.

    I love the lineup mentioned for Wik. Hopefully, the kids go in fearless. They might get slaughtered by the vets as a result, but maybe one can surprise the field and snatch glory.

  7. Great stuff! Thank you. I am now officially a Rapport fan (if I wasn't already).

  8. Yes on OTB classical chess. That is true chess, the true test.

    I look forward to the Wijk coverage. ♟️

  9. Happy New Year, Daniel and all the team behind Power Play Chess! Although I am just an amateur player, I enjoy every one of your videos. ¡Gracias y sigan así!

  10. Classical should still be the real world championship because it is the greatest test. In events like this where you are playing on a 2 second increment even the best player will make a mistake, it is inevitable. Sometimes the better player will lose because of this. In classical the better player rarely loses because there is always time on the board to some degree. If one player is extremely low on the clock you know what happened….. they got out played in the opening and now have to burn their clock to struggle to find an escape.

  11. Excellent! Can you show a game from the Korchnoi v Spassky match in 1977. They were exciting!

  12. classical chess is like slow food – nice, but the kids are elsewhere

  13. As an obsessed amateur art theorist, I must say that I come to these videos for aesthetic reasons as much as chess…. I find the personal style of this channel deeply insightful and the understanding of well studied form and storytelling just astounding. Of course, the content is quite moving as I'm always fascinated by this game which is theoretically a Closed-System and yet, when so well described, seems to be an ever expanding galaxy.

  14. Rapport is a great player who gives the game some extra flavour, wish him all the best. But my fellow countryman Magnus still rules 🙂

  15. I totally agree with you. Its sad that classical chess vanishes and ceases to exist. But the answer is something in between. We need to make it less possible to prepare 30 move lines. It has to be man vs. man. Less time is obiously one option, chess 960 is another.

    In classicl chess today its not 100 % man vs man. Its often more prepared vs. less prepared and thats where the problem lies.

    In either case we need to do something about cheating in chess. When someone with one or two little hints during the game can win EVERY SINGLE game, it needs to be taken seriously.

  16. Very good, mr. King, that you make the case for CLASSICAL chess. Totally agreed! And the Carlsen-Rapport blitz madhouse was an exilerating and hilarious fireworks to finish the year…

  17. Another amazing video- but Rapport achieved a won position with the French- sorry Bobby.

  18. Rapid and Blitz are also harder to cheat at, I wonder if that has anything at all to do with classical falling out of favor?

  19. To play on an actual board, in person, is ultimately the best. Such a nice social sort of buzz in the playing hall. But there can be transportation issues.

  20. Thank you Danny. What an amazing game – I watched it live but could barely get my head around what was happening at the time, so your clear explanation is very much appreciated! One of my favourite PowerPlayChess videos for some time. I was also very interested to hear some of your well-considered thoughts about the state of classical chess. While I very much enjoy the new fast-paced online events and rarely have time to watch a whole classical game – let alone a whole tournament! – I do agree that it'll be sad if classical chess declines in the future. Unfortunately, without Magnus Carlsen's participation in the classical world championship, I for one will find it hard to take the next title-holder seriously.

  21. Carlsen channelling his inner Tal? Ty DK and happy new year again

  22. Thanks as always for the video and your analysis and insights! I watched this game in real time with Jan and Peter commentating. It was so tense. It went so fast and no one knew what was going on with the eval changing every few moves. Great stuff! Best wishes for 2023!

  23. I really appreciate the sense of grace with which you approach your commentaries. Godspeed into the new year, grandmaster King.

  24. How wild will the game be ?
    Carlsen: Yes

  25. At 13:41, what happens if Black simply takes back the bishop with 32 … Rxc7?

  26. Thanks so much for this. A great job.

    What was startling watching this mayhem where there were four(!) promoted Queens buzzing around at different points was to see how MC and RR managed to keep things going relatively coherently despite playing on seconds for the last long part of the game. It brings out that chess is not about perfect moves – it's also about quick wits and nerves.

    The debate about 'classical' chess is like the debate about Test cricket v T20 cricket. But there's no reason of principle why classical games have the format they have and go on for so long. Why not have longer 'classical' games of (say) an hour per player plus 5s per move? That gives enough time for players to get into some extended deeper thinks but also keeps the action flowing for spectators.

    Congratulations on so many terrific videos in 2022. Onwards!

  27. What a game! And in the final position Black's Qc8 is met by Qxd5+ and Qb7# !

  28. Thank you. I've watched many of your videos and this is a gem

  29. On 14:29 why won’t the black queen take the rook on h1? Happy new year 🎉

  30. I thought it was interesting that you mentioned Magnus not defending his World Classical title along with the shift away from classical. I know he's been critical of the title's format, but do you think underlying that, Magnus doesn't enjoy/ value classical as much as he used to?

    Here's what I think:
    Magnus may not be defending his World Classical title, but I think that it's not because he enjoys or values classical chess any less than he used to. I think when there's the right opponent (Alireza!?), and a better format, then he will challenge again! And will want it to be classical, for the same reasons you ultimately do…for the purity of the games!!

  31. Carlsen has currently 3 world titles, every chess formats

  32. Chess had become like cricket… shorter format creating more of a specacle
    Longer Form test cricket falling by the wayside sadly

  33. Have spent many a happy evening listening to insightful analysis

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