Norway Blitz Chess Tournament: Karjakin vs Carlsen

In a mini-rematch of their world championship match, Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin face off in the blitz tournament prior to Norway Chess. IM Danny Rensch provides commentary.

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  1. Lol he was actually losing in this game, but MC is great under time pressure. He lost his strength in classical and improved in blitz nowadays. Doubt he will be wc for more than a few years.

  2. 1. Can we please see the time on the clock of the players?
    2. Can we remove the chess engine analysis on the bottom right of the screen?

    The chess engine takes away a lot of the fun suspense of the game.

  3. Yes Danny! Thank you for this video!

  4. Mr. Kramnik: this is absolute inacceptial and a shame for a chess player. U should disqualified. Maybe later u can have a bigger "accident".

  5. Great commentary. Very educational and easy to follow. This is rapidly becoming my favorite chess channel. Thank you.

  6. Terrific commentary — right to the point!

  7. What is opening that Carlsen used in this game please? 🙂

  8. The reason I like this channel is for fast videos with fast commentary. Keep it up. I don't have time to watch long stuff… keep it short and I'll keep watching.

  9. What if after f3 black plays e3? I know white will end up with an extra pawn but it doesn't look so good to me.

  10. I'm not impressed by your performance – maurice st pierre

  11. Hi Please sub to my channel I am MagnutsCarleson on chess.con

  12. this is awesome content. the camera on with comentary .. wow. good job, danny!

  13. What a great video! Fascinating how Maggie shuffles tactics around. Me? I just shuffle pieces. In the end with everything developed I just hope there is some tactics in there for me like a gift from Santa.

  14. A very instructive game with great commentary. Bravo Danny.

  15. Have to agree with others, this commentary is perfect!

  16. Great analysis even for those guys playing the game could watch this and learn their mistakes.

  17. Magnus is sick player he makes it look so easy

  18. “Nooo, he plays g3, like a good Russian school boy”

  19. Karajakin looked at Carlsens eyes when they shaked hands?! What a rare sight in chess matches…
    edit: Actually they did it twice, thanks to water incident… 🙂

  20. "Shook up the water bottle."
    Ummm water is carbonated now?

  21. What a crazy prank…so drole, craziest thing all tournament…must have been a hoot!

  22. Magnus (2914) & Sergey (2791). What it that number? Is that a world score?

  23. Its funny how the commentator sometimes says.. "you are thinking this is weird" or "you might think this is better"…… i am just thinking what to get for lunch..

  24. You have won a subscription! Excellent analysis for a beginner player like me!

  25. “Like a good Russian school boy” 😂 best commentator

  26. imagine these guys learnt soccer and were soccer managers 🙆🏾‍♂️

  27. I'm so impressed by this commentary. Great job!

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