Norway Blitz Chess Tournament: Carlsen vs Vachier-Lagrave

World Champion Magnus Carlsen won the Norway Blitz Chess Tournament by an incredible 2 points! Watch him apply endgame pressure against French number-one Maxime Vachier-Lagrave! IM Danny Rensch provides blitz chess commentary.

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  1. M'étonne pas cette défaite de notre français. Il n'a pas fini son apprentissage de la méthode ruiz. Alors oui, ça y ressemble vaguement, on voit qu'il va dans la bonne direction, mais il a encore du boulot pour la maîtriser ! 😛 #blitzstream

  2. Danny always said blitz can't be bad for you, you play a lot hence learn a lot. these games are testament to that. Magnus light square dominance was on full display here, very instructional keep these videos coming

  3. This is an utterly fantastic way to present games. Love the analysis, vid length, and on-screen engine assessment. I could watch these for days, more like this please!

  4. Канал ЧиллиПеп Факты says:

    Yes, it is also interesting, but u can not compare this vid with those before. this one is not so deeply commented, which was the beauty of his vids, as the previous ones. hope he will make more deep comments, as he used to do before he made this one

  5. Losing move, according to the engines: 36…Ra4 instead of 36…Ra2. Engine subtlety.

  6. Previous videos had better analysis. This one is not so great, but still a great format.

  7. Love this series! Supe nice commentary! I love!

  8. good coverage. can't wait for So v. Magnus next year.

  9. like everything except the engine on the right

  10. Just a small note, 6:10 , commentator says f5 is a pawn sac, but it's not because white can safely recapture with the rook.

  11. Really don't like your hypothetical lines as the game is in progress… then you are forced to speedily catch up.
    Other than that, I very much appreciate this style of video and your commentary is always top notch. Thank you Danny!

  12. Nice video. Great explanations. In ten or twenty years we can go back and watch this comparing and enjoying just like any game with Spisher and Fnassky. And we can go through three MVL games to see what he liked to do for example. Huge asset for to have a library of these kind of videos. True chess candy. Bob's your uncle to say the least! (In a good way)

  13. that's why i never liked the b6 in the king's indian defence … all i need to do is lose the light square bishop against any piece and i get serious problems defending the c6 square

  14. great video. if you're up to the task danny, i would love you to pick a few games from the paris and leuven grand chess tour.

  15. As of 1:57 (and without benefit of board or engine) I would have been interested to see MVL as Black try playing as he did but only after exchanging on b4, so that one continuation might have been 1 …axb4 2.axb4 Ne4 3.NxNe4 BxNe4 4.Nd2 Bb7 5.Bf3 and now 5….RxRa1 6.QxRa1 Qa8, thereby aiming to cure black's potential light square weakness by either getting Queens off the board , or getting black's queen to c6 (or other, useful square) if white ducks that exchange.

    Of course, I suppose MVL could have played a version of this at 2:37, exchanging on b4 then playing …RxRa1 and ….Qa8 instead of the advance he chose, …e6-e5. I'll be interested to see his notes to the game and if and how the exchange on b4 figured into his thinking.

  16. very cool game. thanks for the commentary.

  17. Very well analyzed game, good insight, but doesn't go too far off tangent. (which gets annoying on other channels)

  18. I got Magnus' app, but ive gotten up to age 9 and im stuck

  19. Not sure who the commentator is, but given the sarcastic way he regarded the “kid walking in front of the camera” (which, for any normal human is both funny and natural), he’s a TOTAL FUCKING TOOL. just sayin’

  20. I like the pictures after MVL resigned. How MVL looks really depressed and Magnus looks wierdly happy.

  21. the guy talking is just annoying i just wanna watch the game i dont care how he would move i just wanna watch the match


  23. I gotta admit I like BLITZ better than standard !time ! After 12 game world championship DRAW that was settled by RAPID play !

  24. I would have thrown in my towel when Magnus made his 1st move..

  25. Danny should commentate every chess match tournament, It is so engaging and funny 🙂

  26. 1:29 that's a great way of saying that he made a huge f***ing mistake

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