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  1. A worthy title, Hutch, CoD mixed with Chess! Interesting concept.

  2. I thought I saw you yesterday on the freeway in Santa Ana Hutch

  3. "Where did my crack pipe go?" -Hutch

  4. Never knew chess had no sc0pes, I might actually try playing it now.

  5. "We got our 1300 rating back…"

    cut to 1294

  6. I love how I have never once played chess in my life, have never been interested in playing/watching it, and have no clue how to play, but I enjoy watching these stream videos lol. Here for the personality, keep it up Hutch

  7. Someone name me another YouTuber who could manage to successfully stream chess as well as Hutchypoo

  8. This reminded me of Sark. "Hey, do you like video games ? Oh that's cool, I'm really good at em… Wanna fuck?"

  9. reads "your eyes are as blue as the veins on my **.
    texts girl that immediateally after

  10. Ah shit. I'm new to twitch and I can't bloody find Hutch boy here. Help anyone???

  11. Hutch is my favorite black guy on the internet.

  12. These are so fun to watch, thank you for your good content!

  13. That move with the knight that you said you didn't understand…
    The way I see it, if his knight is on B5 in the next turn he could have moved it to C7 and forked your king and right side rook. Although it would have been pointless because you're queen was still a threat to the C7 space.
    The other thing it could have been trying to do is block your queen's exit. At that point in the game, you queen could only get away from behind the pawns by moving two spaces forward and then moving on a diagonal. I doubt he thought through you moving the pawn though.

  14. What exactly does Hutch mean when he tells people to "enjoy that e-mote?"

  15. Wtf was the point of the last move black made in game 2? Like, "Oh my king is under attack, I think I'll move my knight so he can do jack shit on the other end of the board."

  16. just curious how much mg of nicotine do you have in your vape?

  17. These games are always so tense for me because I was never taught how to play chess so I have no idea what the fuck most of the pieces do.

  18. Keep up these videos Hutch! We really love them <3

  19. Could literally watch hutch stream anything I don't even know the rules to chess

  20. my god, the amount of money made on donations is ridiculous. might as well say 'fuck youtube'. you're set with this!

  21. Can you post when you stream chess?

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