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  1. Can you post when you stream chess?

  2. I really fucking enjoyed this. Keep up the chess vids Hutch.

  3. Good games Hutch. The stream distracts you and you lose material occasionally but that's all good. That attack in the second game was excellent, that is how you build an attack even if you invest a little material.

  4. hutch post a video about how u got trolled on the stream by Brycer

  5. Can someone please explain to me why the first guy resigned? They both had a king and queen each why did he just not draw?

  6. If your opponent had played Ra8 on 9:19 your only hope would be to try making him run out of time.

  7. Is your vap a cf mod with a notolist mini tank

  8. getting reeeeeeeeeealllllly gay up in here……

  9. How can he smoke while live and not have coppers kick down his door?

  10. Hey man how often would you say you practise outside of playing 5|2? 

  11. I think he misses rook a1 as winning for a few moves…

  12. 3:05 he could have won a piece by playing B5 and the bishop is trapped!

  13. Hutch's personality is awesome! Lol. I love seeing him play chess and I also love hearing him talk to his viewers!

  14. You had his bishop at 3:05. Pawn e3 blocked it in. g5 would have won the bishop.

  15. I wonder wut was going through his mind when he was moving his cursor around, saying "bum bum bum pum bum bum" when he was contemplating moving his queen behind his pawn

  16. Is that some Nitro Fun I am hearing in the background?

  17. I lose games w/ 10 min clock all the time but Hutch has the time in a 5 min game to send/receive texts…

  18. Hutch, on move 13, g5 wins the bishop

  19. hutch, you wanna chess me some time? im low 1300s. bagtf3. I will add you next time i am on

  20. Hutch. I have been watching your chess vids for two weeks now. I was once a USCF rated 1800 player in normal chess. You have great potential at being an ace speed player. You find very good moves and very quickly. Its a joy to watch you playing. Keep rocking!

  21. That last mate was hillarious. He thinked about it for 30 sec and still missed it.

  22. At 3:28 you coul;d have sacked the bishop and taaken it with ur pawn

  23. why do people send this guy money? how is he working for haha ..his rating is so low

  24. g5 pawn would've fked the white dark bishop up

  25. I really loved these videos when I was 1250, but now that I'm 1550 they are really painful to watch. Go ahead, hate me.

  26. 1300 rating and he doesn't bring the Q to C7 to avoid check mate. Idk I feel like I'm getting better opponents at rating 1100-1200 xD

  27. "your eyes are blue like the veins of my deck" heheheheh loll lmao 😂😂😂

  28. Hey Hutch, do you have a lichess account? I'd love to challenge you to some blitz. We could also play on, but I warn you, my rating on is an underestimate because I got my account when I was really bad and haven't really played at all on it now that I'm good 😛

  29. Watching hutch play is fun and when i watched starting it was fun but as i have gotten higher and higher in my ELO score i keep yelling at the screen suggesting moves lol

  30. Can you please stop using chess terminology. You're not good.

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