Nepo vs Hari | The heated finish | World Blitz 2022

Harikrishna was the highest finishing Indian at the World Blitz Championships 2022. He scored 13 out of 21 and also gained some rating. His finest performances came against some of the best players in the world. He beat Caruana and drew against MVL and Anish Giri. In this game he was pitted against the World Championship contender and one of the strongest players in the world Ian Nepomniachtchi. The game is very exciting with Sicilian being played and Black king stuck in the center. The end of the game is also quite heated with both players down to their last few seconds before the game was decided.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Poor Hari… You can tell he was genuinely surprised.

  2. The dirty thing was that hari was touching and moving pieces in nepo's time because before nepo touches the clock hari was was moving pieces

  3. How slipped 5 times in a raw, i only saw once

  4. hari is always dirty not only with nepo,it's correct

  5. Chess would be yawny without all this – loving it

  6. Dear, you can't use nosy auntie standard of logic to comment a high end game in such manner. Dirty did count in taking advantage against Nepo.Watch carefully, all Hari Pentala capturing motions before and after are directly using piece taking piece, but only at this particular moment, he took white piece first, then use knight to strike down the white bishop to click the clock; but it can't be done without first holding up the white pawn first, as you then can't click the clock without first picking up the bishop, then taking white pawn and click the clock; the whole action of waiting or sorry gesture causing Nepo at least 2 seconds instead of a quarter of second.Using 0.25 speed to see such logic.Human being is interesting and better than AI, as you can consciously play dirty by faking a subconscious act to accomplish, even you convince yourself to believe it, otherwise, it won't be perfect. 🤣

  7. Hari playing his Chessable Course💣🔥

  8. im with nepo, he played dirty to make the draw, this indian should be disqualified for sure

  9. Once Upon A Time, Frustrated Nepo became a child.

  10. Nepo way out of line here. He was just pissed he couldn't capitalize n took out on his opponent.

  11. The first mistake Hari did was he moves his piece during nepos time.

  12. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Nepo's bad behavior. Not even the heat of the game justifies such discourtesy. Hari deserved the draw with a lot of fighting!

  14. Looks like ding did a great job by winning the wcc.

  15. Very very disrespectful , lack sportsman spirit

  16. If I was Hari I'd knock that russian pig down without hesitation.

  17. No need for nepo to bring that toxic attitude over such an insignificant issue.

  18. Regardless of Nepo's rude attitude, Harikrishna played great defense in this game.

  19. No surprises why he did not win the world championship. No matter how much brains you have, it is ethics and discipline which takes you forward in any field. Nepo must have learnt that after losing to Ding

  20. He pressed the clock before he fixed the piece. If he didn’t he would loose on time

  21. Don't worry Hari. Nepo will never do this to Magnus and he is aware of it. You may not be better than ian. But ian will remember his world championship against Magnus

  22. For people who called nepo salty , he would of won if not for hari's mistake
    he had 3 second left if he adjust the pieces on his own time he would get flagged probably + if he is superhumanly fast he would need to play any move that comes to mind which will result in a worse position therefore game over , if nepo called the arbiter he would won extra 10 seconds or so which is not worth giving hari time to think , ofc he overreact but it is understandable .

    Edit: i realised he had 2 sec left since the other second was an increment so he should've lost

  23. It's good that Ian isn't world champion. Wouldn't want him to be one. Ding is far more deserving

  24. Hari

    1. Knocks pieces over after he presses his clock
    2.moves before nepo has pressed his clock
    3. Presses clock with different hand he plays move with.

    I’m sorry but a 12 year old has better chess etiquette than that. I’m Indian and Nepo has every right to get angry. Those saying that he should of called an arbiter and not taken it out on hari; Nepo was being nice by NOT calling an arbiter and had every right to call Hari out. You’re a super GM hari, do better.

  25. May i know what happened? What hari did wrong?

  26. This is the basic problem of this egoist mother f*** guy nepo….,🖕
    Something same happens with nihal , but he beats him 😂…

  27. I believe nepo was mad because of the sloppy play on low time, in particular at 7:55 – you have to adjust the fallen pieces on your own time but this is quite common and hari apologized immediately. Also if im not wrong this only happened once so im not sure why he said it slipped 5 times, i think nepo was just upset his position was winning at some point but couldnt convert

  28. Not sure, did Nepo accuse Hari of playing dirty because he kept knocking pieces over?

  29. Nepo (sarcastically): Play more dirty next time
    Hari: what?
    Nepo: Play more dirty next time
    Hari: I didn't play dirty, it slipped
    Nepo: Is that true?
    Hari: yeah
    Nepo: you slipped like 5 times in a row
    Hari: what😧 ?
    Nepo: you slipped like 5 times in a row!

    It was probably regarding the pieces that were falling mistakenly when hari was taking 'em. Happened only twice.

    We all know how salty Nepo is 🤣 just look at the video of him losing to Nihal and not even shaking his hand properly..

  30. You're not allowed to move and fix pieces, during your opponent's time, that's why on 7:55 nepo got disturbed. Although it could cause hari a game if nepo called an arbiter, i think.
    Also plays the fact, that nepo got a seemingly winning position and didn't convert it, which made him mad.

  31. Sorry, I didn't notice the writing …….😇I say: You are not a professional at… chess.. because if you touch any of the game pieces, you have to play them..

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