Nepo vs Hari | The heated finish | World Blitz 2022

Harikrishna was the highest finishing Indian at the World Blitz Championships 2022. He scored 13 out of 21 and also gained some rating. His finest performances came against some of the best players in the world. He beat Caruana and drew against MVL and Anish Giri. In this game he was pitted against the World Championship contender and one of the strongest players in the world Ian Nepomniachtchi. The game is very exciting with Sicilian being played and Black king stuck in the center. The end of the game is also quite heated with both players down to their last few seconds before the game was decided.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. World champions or challengers should be dignified, humble, modest so we follow such super GM's and learn from them. Better luck next time Nepo hope you learn to correct your "attitude"

    Most importantly, well played Hari and very dignified at the end still shaking his opponents hand!

  2. Harikrishna looks smaller bro harshad mehata

  3. All the nepo fans trying to bash Hari are not even one percent of what Hari has achieved. And nepo is a sore loser. He has exhibited this kind of poor attitude many a times without failing now. Looks like Nepo is the kid who originally wanted to make a career in cockfighting but was forced to play chess instead😒

  4. It can be a frustrating game. It's surprising there isn't more incidents of people getting annoyed at each other.
    The problem is, there often isn't time to compose yourself.

  5. Very ungentlemanly of Nepo to slap Hari’s palm. I suppose players should be fined for such rude behaviour.

  6. Nepo's behavior is unbecoming of a grandmaster

  7. Hari keeps playing with both hands and knocking over pieces on the opponent's time. Very disrespectful but more than that, it is distracting and steals time.

  8. For people blaming everything on Nepo, please go through this match of Yoo vs Hari At 7:57, Hari stopped the clock and called the arbiters when his opponent made the same mistake. On the contrary, Nepo let it go and didn't make a fuss about it like Hari, so of course he was angry at the end. I know now someone would comment on this that Nepo could have stopped the clock as well but had no right to call him a dirty player. It wasn't a dirty play but Hari did put Nepo on the spot as him stopping the clock and calling the arbiters like Hari did would look bad on his part.

  9. WTF – Nepo missed a thousand wins, it's like another person was playing white. And hope he apologized after, since that was just rude.

  10. Can anyone tell what Nepo said last
    I heard "5 times in a row" or am I wrong?

  11. Nepo has always stuck me as a soulless narcissist.

  12. So disappointing to see Nepo reacting like that…
    Pentala pure class💎

  13. Poco profesional neponiatchi, por eso nunca llegará a ser campeón mundial

  14. If Ian he didn't like the fallen piece, he should have stopped the clock when it happened and called in the arbiter to resolve the issue according to the rules. Nobody to blame but himself. Also, did he say "play more dirty next time"? This request makes no logical sense.

  15. Nepomniaschi should be ashamed of himself. He couldn't win simply because his opponent kept finding good moves. Accusing your opponent of playing dirty because you are not happy with the result is embarrassing. It is more embarrassing that Fide is owned by the Russians and they are determined to hand the crown to a guy like this.

  16. Unhöfliches benehmen bei Nepo wie ein Kind, das nicht der Spiel gewinnen kann.

  17. ChessBaseIndia start putting the two dimensional board up on the screen.. I mean cmon on! We want to see that. Jesus Christ.

  18. Nepo was RIGHT….

    The other guy played DIRTY TO CHANCE THE OUTCOME…


    The sets are not so EXPENSIVE…..DON'T BE SOOOOOOO CHEAP….

  20. Few anger management treatments for starters.

  21. Before this video I literally was feeling bad for nepo as everytime he qualified for the final .. He would always end up in the losing side (except candidates) .
    1) World Championship match against Carlsen.
    2) World Rapid Championship against Nordirbek .
    3) Fischer Random against Hikaru.
    But now I will it was deserved…
    No sportsmanship at all.
    And well done hari you played very well.

  22. Funny. Every player likes their knights pointing a certain direction at the start. I prefer both facing left.

  23. Did not know Nepo belongs to those men who are pissing on another mans shoes and then run away. The dirt is all on his side..

  24. Typical Russian behavior to show what kind of bad loser is he! Be gentle,shake hand with your opponent,do not loose your face just for a game! If you do not like it,play chess in your Siberia and leave the gentle game to the gentle players!

  25. generally i like nepo however he's just being a bitch here. of course i get the frustration but hari is not dirty at all. also he sincerely apologized right after he knocks the piece down. plus nepo does the same thing when he notices he's running out. whatever happens on board should stay on board unless unethical stuff happens. always admired indian players' respectful behaviour. loves from Turkey

  26. 7:54 clearly a faul from Hari. And he had only 1 second. He lost. But…

  27. Hari didn’t deserve such attitude. Shame of Nepo

  28. "It slips five times in a row?" Well Hari only knocked the piece down once as far as I can see and it was clearly accidential. Nepo is delusional here tbh.

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