Nakamura’s Knockouts: Five-Hour Blitz Chess Binge

GM Hikaru Nakamura has the itch, sending out his feelers to scrounge up as much blitz chess as he can. How many wins can he rack up?

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  1. hey i didnt come to watch but i have reported this video for clickbait as the title clearly lies about the length of the video and i hope action is taken against you!

  2. these vids are really something, thanks a lot !!

  3. why he always said, donation for opening for amazon??

  4. hit like if you in love with hikaru's laugh !

  5. I have tons of respect for naka, but I consider shameful to beg for money to buy a mouse when he's already doing 6 digits/year on sponsorship money alone

  6. Stunning play by Naka with great comments

  7. Offer Draw against Nakamura With a piece Down? Has he no respect for him?

  8. Nakumura is like a millionaire so why does he need his fans to donate money for a mouse?

  9. Nakamura. you are a true hero. Keep the streams cumming!

  10. Can someone tel me which is he using and why is he using that while he is a japanise usa guy

  11. It's gonna be the grob, it's gonna be the grob, it's gonna be the grob and it's gonna be the grob

  12. Hey what’s up naka , u should come to California I’ll challenge you lol. Just wondering what’s your IQ? Because they said that only smart people play chess. My IQ is 130 and right now my elo rating is 1500 , how far can I go on chess??

  13. You really need to fix the micro bro
    Nice stream as always.

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