Nakamura’s Knockouts: Five-Hour Blitz Chess Binge

GM Hikaru Nakamura has the itch, sending out his feelers to scrounge up as much blitz chess as he can. How many wins can he rack up?

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  1. Can someone explain to me the adoption thing?

  2. He doesn't give a fuck about the mouse. He said they could donate to get him one if they wanted, but otherwise he would be perfectly happy with the one he has.

  3. this is some of the best commentary chess has ever had, if you could call it that, you explain it perfectly, im not sure if you could do it better,
    keep it up and promote your vids

  4. At approx 56:50, why doesn't he play Bishop d8? It offers a decent exchange, pins white's dark Bishop to the knight, and if W-Bishop pushes to a7 he could play Qc7. What am I missing with that? I'm a seriously green player, so please explain.

  5. You are amazing, you calculate so quickly and beat grandmasters without effort and while talking. Surely gifted


  7. That first game was hilarious. N3mo180 (Blitz rating 1600) is a piece down and facing all kinds of threats to his kingside. But that doesn’t stop him offering a draw to Nakamura (a Super-GM with a 3000+ Blitz rating)! The guy clearly has a keen sense of humour. It looked like Naka saw the funny side too, judging by his reaction.

  8. Wow i played like trash. Next time you stream naka i want a rematch! I swear i wont play like a 900 next time!

  9. Some of the games are nearly magic!! He makes it look so easy!

  10. anyone know if he posted a list of the songs he was listening to during the Caruana blitz match?

  11. yay 5 hour naka stream! I mean, I am not crazy about it, but I think I'll just watch it. watches it

  12. logitech master race i use the same mouse as you Hikaru πŸ™‚

  13. I mean… that was a draw right? Just to make sure that was a draw. That was a draw right? Was that a draw? Yeah, I think that was a draw. Yeah ok that was a draw ok.

  14. Hikaru you're looking more European with each passing year. You need to go hook up with your asian roots or you're gonna be fully white by the time you're 50

  15. Cheers Naka for the streams. They have really helped me improve my blitz chess.

  16. Lol. Hikaru you are officially the best chess streamer

  17. Nakamura keeping himself extremely relevant with these videos.

  18. I'm gonna sue HIkaru because now I dont do anything else with my free time. Ihave like eight movies I wanted to see I havent had the time I just saw the five hours of blitz and didnt even noticed the time :).

  19. If you like these videos you will also enjoy Quentin Tarantino's the hateful 8 it has 90% of the murderous Carnage with 1/2 the screen time

  20. Dude, we get to watch a genius perform their craft. Amazing to say the least.

  21. Hikaru stay cool and thank you for the video πŸ‘

  22. 3:42:43 "yeah, I've completely messed this up, so let's see, okay, I'll play d5, get the pawn rolling since this is where my counterplay lies…" opponent swiftly plays Qf3xd5 "or… what the… wow. Wow, that was terrible, I don't even know what I'm doing anymore" πŸ˜€

  23. "I watch more interesting things on netflix than stranger things" lmao

  24. β€˜I was completely winning if…’

  25. Did he just call the 1900 player a weak player in the second game??? Wth XD

    I know that he's a super GM. Commented in jest!

  26. People donating for a mouse? what about his microphone with that activation buzz

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